I'm Finally Here!
Wow, has it been that long?? Yep. It was mid-September of last year when I wrote the first line of code for this site, and its a damn miracle the thing ever saw the light of day, as far as I'm concerned. At this point you may be asking "Chris, this site isn't so great, what TOOK you so long?" Well, a number of factors, actually. Number one, between work and school I just haven't had the time or energy to invest. Number two, I'm lazy, and when I DID have the time, I wasn't spending it on the page. And number three, I'm a perfectionist, and I have rebuilt it from the ground up TWICE because I just wasn't satisfied with the design. I'm still not satisfied, but I'm also tired of these files rotting on my hard drive. So I figured, I've got fans to serve, and if I don't put this thing up, someone is going to have the same idea and make an awesome page that will put mine to shame.

Anyway, I'm online at last, so I hope my fellow fans and site creators will welcome the new guy to the DB web community! I would like to make it clear from the outset that I know there are other pages that deal with the US censoring of DBZ, and I don't pretend that this whole thing was "my idea." Ed Gorgen's The Dragon Ball Experience and KaiOhShin's Definitive American Television Show Page come to mind, although I'm sure there are others. I am not trying to compete with these guys, nor do I want them to feel like I am stealing their niche. I just wanted to be a little more thorough than anyone else has been so far, and to make a site that is devoted solely to this subject.

So, I guess that's it for now! I have no idea how this whole thing will be received, but send me some mail and let me know what you think so far.

Jaa ne!

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