Past Picks

 Sailor Moon Uncensored
This isn't a DBZ site, but something about it really appeals to me. Maybe it's the concept, maybe it's the design... but wow... it's pretty great!


Ya know, I always thought that I would have truly hit the "big time" when someone made a site about my site. For the sake of my ego, I sincerely hope this is the closest we ever get. Sailor Moon Uncensored is basically the most flattering thing that's ever happened to me, almost to the point of making me feel guilty. Apparently, three fans saw DBZ Uncensored, liked it, and did the exact same thing for Sailor Moon. Pretty simple idea, and it worked very well. Anyway, the webmasters seem sweet enough, and they sure as HFIL update a lot more than me, so go ahead and pay this site a visit. They've done a great job.

 DBZ: The Third Season
Regular visitors of DBZ:3S are probably asking themselves "Why the HFIL is Chris adding a link to a site that isn't going to be updated anymore?" No, I'm not just asking for yet ANOTHER dead link on the Past Picks page. I'm picking Skitz's site because I thought it was truly great, even though he has decided to quit. Also, I meant to pick it some time ago, but never got around to it. As far as I'm concerned, it's still just as worthy now as it ever was. Skitz had a great eye for images, his design was fantastic, and the content here was truly great as well. This is a site that will be missed, and I wish it had stayed around longer.

Okay, so it needs a new title, but other than that this is a very cool and useful page. And it's an old timer as well, been around for over two years. That's actually pretty impressive in DBZ site terms. So what will you find here? A bunch of stuff, actually. But I'm giving this one a pick mainly because of the summaries it contains, probably the best and most complete I've seen anywhere on the web. Everything that happens from the very beginning of Dragon Ball to the very end of GT is recorded here, with plenty of detail throughout, as well as links to other summary resources. I'm putting this here partly for those people who keep on asking me for this sort of thing, and partly because it's just a damn good site.

 The Vault
**NOTE - Steve has decided to shut this site down, so the link doesn't lead anywhere. Too bad, it was cool while it lasted.**

Alright, I'll admit it. I thought this was a pretty weird idea when Steve Harmon first put it to me. A site interviewing DBZ webmasters? Why? That doesn't sound very interesting. Boy was I wrong. After seeing how well the site turned out, I have done a complete about-face, and I now realize that it was a great idea after all. Not just great, but quite original. Nobody's done this before, and that is a truly rare thing in the world of DBZ web sites. The interviews are well-planned, interesting, and sometimes quite amusing.

Anyway, I predict a bright future for The Vault, and I heartily recommend it. (And it's NOT just because I was one of the first interviewees!)

 Super5 Dragonball Z
**NOTE - This site has since become a victim of FUNimation's anti-fansubber crusade. This link will not work, it is only being maintained for the sake of posterity.**

Wow! The answer to everyone's prayers! This is it, guys. Probably the most useful resource for original-version impaired fans on the net. This site contains (drum roll please) downloadable versions of COMPLETE, SUBTITLED DBZ episodes in Real Player format! The quality is tolerable and the download time reasonable (about 11-20 megs each ep.), but that's all beside the point. YOU CAN SEE THEM FOR FREE, FOR KAMI'S SAKE!

Anyway, this is one of the greatest ideas in the history of DBZ on the web. Go there now, all of you who have never seen the Japanese version... and everyone else for that matter!

 TV Guide's Dragon Ball Z Article
**NOTE - This link no longer works. However, I have scanned in the article, and you can check it out here.**

No it's not a DBZ site, I thought I'd do something a little different this time. OK, so it's over two years old now, but dammit, this is exciting. It's not often you get a mainstream mention of anime, and when TV Guide itself picks DBZ as one of the top ten kid's shows in the nation... well, that is extremely cool. I remember buying the print version of the issue just for this brief little article, and I realized for the first time that this weird, underground thing that I thought was all mine was not only suddenly out in the open, but was rapidly gaining notoriety. I still can't believe it.

 The Daily Dragon Ball Chapters
**NOTE - This site no longer exists (Man, what is UP with all these dying sites??). The manga scans are now available at PlanetNamek.com**

You know, you hear the phrase "one of the best (insert subject here) sites on the net" all the time. People toss it around so much that it has become utterly meaningless. I use that statement very sparingly, so when I say that this is one of the best damned Dragon Ball-related sites out there, I really mean it. I caught on to this one rather late, I must admit, and I'm kicking myself because of it. Basically, the idea here is that they upload one chapter of the Dragon Ball manga every day, translated for the Japanese impaired, and downloadable in zip format. Now what could be cooler than that?? It's an incredibly daunting task, accomplished cheerfully and competently by the staff. The fact that the wonderful news section on the front page isn't even the main attraction shows just how valuable this site is. The only downside is that they must remove the commercially-available Viz translations as they are released for copyright reason. But Viz still has a long way to go, so this site will still be useful for years to come.

 Dr. Gero's Laboratory
This is the kind of site you don't see very often. There's a copious amount of variety, creativity, and best of all, originality here, and it's the kind of place that you'll want to return to. My favorite parts are the "Analysis" section, where sites are reviewed, and The Battle Arena. This is one of the coolest, most innovative things I've seen on any DB web page, but I'll just let you see that for yourself. Overall, the site doesn't seem to have a unifying theme, which is something I prefer in most cases, but everything is so well done that it's just fine by me.

 VegettoEX's Home Page
An enjoyable site that has a stupeifying amount of wavs and animated gifs. Probably every line Vegetto ever spoke is here, or pretty damn close, at least. Nothing really groundbreaking overall, but your host writes with a witty sassiness that makes everything all that much more entertaining. Ironically, the comedy section is the least amusing feature, the text everywhere else is the real kicker. Or maybe I'm just too easily amused. Oh well. In any case, I liked the site overall, and it's worth a look.