1. Piccolo's voice asked me to kill my mother last night.
2. Krillin's voice wanted me to kill myself.
3. Ginyu's voice tried to kill me.
4. Frieza's voice wanted me to bake cookies.
5. Frieza's second voice made me question my sexuality.
6. Gohan's echoing laughter penetrated my ear drum and caused internal bleeding.
7. Goku's voice made me feel at ease for a moment, until I needed to take a crap myself.
8. Nail's voice told me to clear my throat until sore.
9. Bulma's voice made me feel funny downstairs.
10. Vegeta's voice shot razor blades out of the TV and killed all in the room except me, I was intentionally left alive to witness more of his killer oral reports on the expansion of someone else's power level to his own dismay!

The doctor told me I should relax and take a vacation… but my DBZ is gone! I don't want to live. That's it I can't do this anymore! Please forgive me Goku! I just .. wanted.. to …..

- A Corpse