Okay I'll start this off by saying that I, like many others, was introduced to DBZ by the American version. I remember watching the US Dragonball. I loved that show, but watching it over and over got repetitive. Then one Sunday morn I was scanning Preview Channel when something caught my eye. 8:00 channel 11, Dragonball Z. I was off one week and saw the Worlds Strongest Team as my first episode. I didn't care that I didn't know the short bald guy or the Green dude were. The theme song confused the hell outta me. truth be told I though that the short scenes of Trunks, Vegeta, and Gohan were all related to Goku (1 outta 3 ain't bad). Anyway watching Raditz beat the stuffing out of everyone was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. I didn't know or care about censors or cuts, I loved it all. I kept loving it up until the review of The Saibamen Strike. That's when i was brutally forced to listen to the other dimension garbage. I didn't know or care at first I just thought it was bad scripting. But I kept hearing it, and it soudned really weird. Then i found a Dragonball Z message board where I found out about all the cutting that happened. I felt betrayed for weeks (The whole fact that Funimation kept re-running wasn't helping) Then I found out how to get un-cut videos. This nice guy on the Board was a Fansubber. $6 and 3 weeks later I was the proud owner of The Freeza Saga, ending at when earth Sen-Ron was summoned. I was ecstatic and the envy of all my Anime friends (2 of them). I wanted more. then I foudn an alternate method. A trip to nearby manhattan Chinatown. I got movies 6, 7, and 8. Another visit later i got the Majin Vegeta saga (Vegeta is the MAN). And finaly I found a non-crooked store and bought 13 tapes for $60. Joyously i watched them. But everytime I got something new, I found it was getting harder to sit through a US DBZ. I watched the second season half heartedly. The only highlight being The Ginyu Fight (Well what we got anyway). Now i don't even watch, and have entered the ranks of the despondent disgruntled US DBZ watchers. So I went from a wide-eyed loving fan to a bootleg buying Japan Fan. Oh, by the way, the US version music is so sad. Nothing will ever come close to "We Gotta Power," the best song in existence (In my opinion). Thanks for listening to my life's story (As related to DBZ).

This is Guy Lev. Peace Out

- Guy Lev