I've been watching dubbed DragonballZ for almost half a year now through friends who own cable, and have scoured the Internet for every single tidbit of info, Japanese and English versions. Of course, I was really confused when hearing the names "Kaio-sama" and "Kuririn", being used to the easier to say King Kai and Krillin. I must admit, they're nifty translations, get the point across, but then again, I also prefer original quality with everything.

Mind you, I've never actually seen any of the original versions, and the only real Japanese voicing I have heard is from wavs or Movie 1, "Dead Zone". Sorry if this is inaccurate, but I'm basing this on what I've seen and heard only.

First of all, it makes no sense in my mind as to why they say "Home for Infinite Losers" (although I did find that title funny as hell!) and "Other Dimension" when Gokou and the others STILL have a halo on the top of their heads. Sarcastically speaking, this will confuse all the little children who truly believe that Gokou's only gone to Another Dimension. So why not just erase the halo in EVERY SINGLE FRAME? Hey, if you're going to do something, finish it so it makes sense!

About the voices... Most people don't like Vegeta's dub voice, and I'm not sure if I did at first. Well, you have to admit, it was painful to hear his voice when first introduced. (also, what's with red hair in the beginning? I know it was in both original and dub, but it just comes across to me as odd...) With time, the pain eased, and eventually his voice grew on me. He still needs to be refined, but for the most part, it suits Vegeta just fine.

Piccolo, oh, man, what could I say about him? Scott McNeil captures everything one would expect out of that green guy, so I can't really complain. Terry Klassen (forgive me if I've misspelled it, I'm tired) has the same geekiness that the Japanese version does, but goes a little bit overboard in the process. Ie, Movie 2 "The Worlds Strongest", Kuririn appears by somersaulting through the air just in time to help Gohan give Gokou some time to break free of his ice. What's with the screaming and yelling? "Yeaaaahhahahaaaaaaa! Eeeeeeyyyaaaaahhh!" *shudder*... Is it like this in the Japanese version? I'd like to find out someday...

The one complaint I do have is about Saffron Henderson acting out Gohan's role. It could be just me, yet half the time I'm certain the kids voice is going to crack or rasp out. I'm sure it did at one point of the recording sessions.

On to the last part, since I'm feeling very sleepy... I feel that if FUNimation were to redo all of the dubs and make them completely uncensored, and sell them as video tapes instead of broadcasting on TV, I am positive that they would receive a much broader audience. Of course, this isn't possible because of some rule out there, where ever it may be located. Yet without the tv dub to begin with, they wouldn't have any possible audience to buy their tapes. There's also the thought of people like me who are poor and have to money to buy these wonderful tapes. Currently, I'm too young to have a job legally in this state, and am struggling to find money for more dragonball/Final Fantasy stuff.

Alright that should be it. Oh--- one more thing. And if I don't get flamed for saying this, then I'll be really surprised. The first time I heard Cha-La, I thought, "Geez, this is the real opening theme? Japan must have REALLY different tastes in music than America!" I think in stereotypical terms for everything, but I really do despise it. This is ironic, since I enjoy most of the other songs, such as Detekoi Tobikiri Zenkai Power (personal fav!) and the other one where Gohan gets drunk in Mov. 1 (more forgoted-ness there.) Rock the Dragon, however, doesn't really fit as the opening theme, either. Its a great song on its own, so I consider it an insert song in my warped head.

That's all, thanks for your time.

- Heather Suchy