1. "Enough of this talk!"

Maybe I'm wrong, but if anyone has the dubbed "Arrival" tape, and has watched it enough times to know everthing about it, listen to the music. Is it me, or does it actually sound... Good? Not saying it's better than the original score, but better than the bullshit they used on every episode after Arrival. Everything seemed more thought out, and even the acting sounded better. Since I wasn't introduced to the NA dub by Arrival (I started watching the first season around the time Yamcha and the others went to the Pendulum room and got their butts kicked across the planet), I didn't see the original dub (before Saban entered the picture) until my little cousin bought it and tried to trade me for World's Strongest. Watching it and seeing some of the things that were so different, and hearing the more orchestrated (but still that "re-made for western culture crap -- I'll hit that up in a sec) soundtrack confused me. If the music had at least maintained the feel of Arrival throughout the episodes, I might actually like the NA dub more.

Now, there's something else I'm really upset about (prepare yourself). This isn't just to get this out in the open, but for anyone to read and realize how foolish America is being made to look. This "remodeled for American culture" crap must stop. They've got to be laughing at us over there when they see what we do to their beautiful works of art. And even worse, when a company brings something over here (I like Nintendo, but they are just as bad as Funimation with that "western culture" mess) they've got to change everything, as if we won't understand why this arm was here or why this guy is drinking beer or why this music sounds the way it does. I can understand some jokes or dialogue being changed because of historical reference (which still isn't necessary except in the extreme cases -- unless a person's got a class on Japan's History, I doubt they'd understand a joke about Japan's Prime Minister -- or President or whatever -- in the forties unless it was real blunt), but the damn religious reference was just stupid. Does Funimation, or any company that does such religious tampering think the "western" culture can't understand Buddhism? This just shows even further the ignorance of (and I'm not pointing out anyone in particular) our blind coutry's guidelines, and other cultures seeing how foolish America can be.

After all, we all remember that basketball player (whose name escapes me now) that was in controversy because he prayed before a basketball game. People started talking about him as if he'd pulled a gun on the ref.

2. "Hey... Where did it go?"

I used to think that all the censoring and violence destroying was Funiamtion's fault (the corny jokes and low-quality music still is, but I doubt that'll change well into whatever season they make, whether it's season 3 or Dragonball GT - that's yet a whole different essay). But, after going back and looking at Daytime and morning television, I've realized a pattern. The only real cartoon shows still on are Spiderman and Batman-Superman Adventures. Everything that was good has been destroyed (taken off the air or put on Cartoon Network - I'll bet money Gargoyles will be on there soon)! I mean, what happened to Gargoyles? X-Men? TMNT (I'm a fan of the Turtles from waaaay back in the day - it's sad they're gone again too)? Even Sam and Max have seemingly disappeared. If I'm wrong, let me know (I'm only able to observe this back in Detroit so maybe I am missing the shows), but all of these have been replaced by some more "kiddie" like shows like "Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog" and "Young Hercules!" Is this some nationwide ban of violent cartoons (and I use the term "violent" very loosely; Spiderman barely even tapped anyone!)? Spiderman and his friends, the X-Men and Incredible Hulk, have all been cramped in a small hour and a half block at 7:00 am on ... Gasp ... Sunday Morning. The time block that no one watches. It's only gonna' get worse. Man. It makes me wanna leave the country.

Well, anyway, being that I do love capitalism and don't wish to leave Detroit for some forty years, I'll just stay here and deal with it.

- Jelani Parham