I know this is off the subject but I just wanted to put in my 2 cents about the strongest fighters in DBZ and I listed them down with reasons. I know this is just my opinion but I REALLY REALLY think I'm right about this and I'll even list reasons for it. This is going by at the end of the series after they have defeated Buu but before Pan and Ubuu show up 10 years later since by then I think everyone has gotten tremendously weaker (save for maybe Goten, Trunks, and Goku) since there has been no fighting going on. I'll maybe go a little beyond to include Movie 13 but not much after that. I'm also going to add Fusion characters and villains since they are a part of DBZ too and also from the movies that count to the DBZ story line (Movies 1, 5, 9, and 13) except Hildegran since he is more of a monster than a fighter and measuring his power level is gonna be very difficult. Also whoever I put on the list is gonna be at their most powerful point in the series like I would list Majin Buupinks as Buu's strongest period so I won't put all the different variations of Majin Buu like Fat Buu, Skinny Buu, Super Buu etc. But I will include Goku and Vegeta even though Vegetto is already included. Fusion is a different matter all together.

1. Vegetto: Vegetto is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta ala the Potara Earrings (not to be confused by Gojita)You don't have to be a brain surgeon to see the vast difference in power between Vegetto and the rest of the DBZ crew. He made a mockery of Majin Buupinks who as supposed to be the strongest DBZ villain of all time. He only had to go SSJ1 to defeat him, in fact I don't think he had to go SSJ at all but just wanted to show off (as fusion characters are usually arrogant). You just can't believe his power until you see it, his strength is to the Z-Soldiers as the Z-Soldiers are to normal earthlings. Hands down the strongest warrior in the universe.

2. Majin Buupinks: This is Majin Buu when he has absorbed Gohan, Gotenks, and Piccolo. You know he has to be pretty high up on the list, hell he's the ultimate villain!!! Although he is nothing compared to Vegetto he is still strong enough to have defeated all the DBZ crew without any fusion. It scares me sometimes how vast the scope of the DBZ characters get at the end of the series. They can seriously destroy the universe!! Well I won't comment much on him since it's pretty self explanatory: Majin Buupinks = strongest villain of all time.

3. SSJ3 Goku when powering up for Dragon Fist: Phew that's a long title!!! Well before any of you DBZ fans out there razz me for putting Goku ahead of Gohan (which I did think also a while ago) I have to explain first why I did so. Okay everybody remember Movie 13 when everyone was fighting Hildegran? Well remember how he totally smashed SSJ3 Gotenks and Mystical Gohan but during the end didn't even scratch Goku? Well the reason for that is because normally SSJ3 Gotenks and Mystical Gohan are indeed stronger than Goku but Goku is stronger than both of them when and only when he is powering up for his Dragon Fist (where he attacks by flying like Superman and a golden dragon aiding behind him). My theory to why he didn't get hurt by Hildegran is that during powering up for this move his body must be going through tremendous power ups to compensate for literally changing into a giant dragon. While in this state his strength does seem to surpass Mystical Gohan and SSJ3 Gotenks. Only problem with this is that Goku can't rely on this much since it ONLY works while powering up and is gone as soon as he has finished his Dragon Fist. In other words not very reliable in battle. Well anyway I promised to gauge the characters at their strongest in the entire series so there, technically Goku CAN become stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks and Mystical Gohan for a short period of time.

4. Mystical Gohan: Plain and simple, Gohan is the strongest character at the end of DBZ that isn't a fusion of somebody else or doesn't rely on a power up that only lasts maybe 5 minutes (ala Dragon Fist). It makes sense since throughout the series he is the most important character. Plus Akira always said DBZ is "Gohan's story" although he had to focus more on Goku as the series went on to please the fans. But anyway Gohan gets the Mystical Power Up from Dai Kaio Shin and that releases ALL his hidden strength. Now here's why Mystical Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 Goku (while not powering up for his Dragon Fist) and SSJ3 Gotenks. Okay SSJ3 Goku couldn't beat Fat Buu, he could only hold him off for a while. SSJ3 Gotenks could defeat Super Buu but only because of his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack. Plus SSJ3 Gotenks power only last 5 minutes so that severely hampers it's usefulness. On the other hand Gohan totally kicked Super Buu's ass and handed to him on a platter. Since Super Buu is WAY stronger than Fat Buu there is no doubt that Gohan is stronger than Goku. And during the fight with Super Buu you could automatically tell Gohan was having less trouble with Super Buu then SSJ3 Gotenks was. Gohan didn't even break a sweat while SSJ3 Gotenks was throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him. Also notice when Majin Buupanks (absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo) fought against Gohan, although Gohan was losing badly at least Buupanks was paying attention to the fight. When he fought Goku (anime only) he wasn't even paying attention, laughing his ass off at Goku's patheticness. Notice it is in the anime only and not the manga. That's because Akira Toriyama knows Goku has no chance against him, it was when Bandai and all the company execs who wanted Goku to fight so he wouldn't look as outclassed by the 2 warriors as he really was. And about the Dai Kaio Shin Power Up, Gohan has the will to transform to it at anytime like SSJ, not just in those 48 hours. Proof of that is in Movie 13 (which is official according to Akira, it is included with the story) he doesn't go SSJ throughout the whole movie but instead flares up with power and his hair changes slightly (you know, his bangs lengthen quite a bit). Now I'm gonna guess that he was going Mystical unless he was that stupid to not go SSJ during the whole movie when fighting against the strongest enemy they've ever met. The reason why in DBGT that Gohan goes SSJ instead of Mystical is because Toriyama isn't a part of the crew. The execs at GT decided to focus on Goku and having Gohan surpass his father in power would be bad to Goku's image. That is why in GT he is weaker than Vegeta.

5. SSJ3 Gotenks: Okay NOW we get to Gotenks. The reason he is so low (in perspective) on the list is because simply, he isn't all that he is cracked up to be. Granted yes he is strong but it is his arrogance that gives the illusion of him being much stronger than he actually is. Normally he would be stronger than SSJ3 Goku but for reasons stated above (Dragon Fist) that is not true, even though if that rule only applies for a short time. When taking on Super Buu he had to use his strongest attack (the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack) to finish him off (mind you he also used every attack he had against him previously to no effect). That proves that he is stronger than SSJ3 Goku (when not powering up for Dragon Fist) and Majin Vegeta since both of them couldn't even beat Fat Buu who is much weaker than Super Buu. That also shows that he is weaker than Mystical Gohan since Gohan didn't have to rely on his strongest attack to defeat Super Buu.

6. Majin Vegeta: Now to me Majin Vegeta is the strongest phase Vegeta can be since during this time he is pure evil (like how he used to be). During this time he could go toe to toe with SSJ2 Goku and I believe by looking at the fight it is obvious he would have won if they had continued (instead Vegeta just cheated because he didn't want to waste time or energy). Now I saw on your previous list how Vegeta was stronger than Gohan but that is not true once you factor in his Mystical Upgrade. Also Goku said that SSJ3 isn't a big as step up in power as SSJ 1 and 2 is and he also commented that in SSJ3 he is only slightly more powerful than Majin Vegeta so that shows SSJ3 Goku IS more powerful than Majin Vegeta even if only by a little. I'd have to say Vegeta is the start of the tier 2 squad since the above 5 are SO MUCH more stronger than Majin Vegeta it's not funny (although it isn't his fault since most of the above got their power through "cheating" but so did Majin Vegeta but...)

7. Kaminailccolo: Before you ask who that is it's just Piccolo merged with Kami (thus making him whole again) and Nail. Lets just call him Piccolo (everyone else does) for short. Now here's a huge drop in power (no offense to Piccolo). He's pretty strong by himself but compared to the sayians (besides the 2 chibis) he really can't compare. In fact I think he starts tier 3 since I dont' think he can even compete with Majin Vegeta (the fight inside Buu's body was just an illusion). Never less he is very strong and a great asset to the Z-Warriors, not so much in the later years but he still helps. He is more of a teacher than a fighter in my opinion (he trained Gohan for godsake!!!).

8. No. 18: I think that No. 18 is stronger than Goten and Trunks for good reason. In the Tenchi Bokudai (at the begining of the Buu Saga) she could defeat Goten and Trunks when they dressed up as an adult together. Granted they were less focused than if they were fighting seperatly I think you can safely assume that she could have defeated one of them "runts" one on one. Start of tier 4.

9. Trunks: Not much to say except Trunks is incredibly strong...for his age. He is much stronger than all the adults when they were his age but like Goten, doesn't share that "potential" the others had as children. They don't seem to have this secret power but more of power that you can see outright. Trunks is stronger than Goten and just about everyone agrees with this since Trunks is 1 year older than him.

10. Goten: Much like Trunks in the fact that he has a lot of power but no "hidden" anger like Gohan had as his age (although you do see some of it, not enough to rival Gohan and his nasty temper tantrums). Weaker than Trunks due to their 1 year age difference but not by much. If in a fight Trunks would win but it would be a very close fight and if Goten used his ingenuity he might be able to win once in a while.

11. Kulilin: It would make sense that Kulilin is weaker than No. 18 due to the fact as how she's always bossing him around!!! Seriously he is very strong and probably the strongest human in DBZ. I have to agree on you with the point on that although we don't see much of Tenshinhan and maybe he might be stronger than Kulilin I think Toriyama is hinting that Kulilin has surpassed Tenshinhan when Yamcha said to Marron that Kulilin is the strongest human. Kinda fitting since Goku and Kulilin are best friends that Goku is the strongest saiyan (not counting fusion) and Kulilin is the strongest human. Anyway Kulilin rocks and he is my favorite character in the DBZ universe!! Too bad they make him seem so weak/unlucky/pathetic when he truly rocks!!!

12. Tenshinhan: Woah too bald heads in a row!! Well Tenshinhan is indeed strong for a human but he has taken a backseat to the saiyans during the end of the series. He is probably not much weaker than Kulilin since he trains hardly everyday (yeah, what good that'll do you ha ha ha ha!!! j/k). Can't really compete with the super powerful warriors but can probably hold his own against those in his own tier. End of tier 4.

13. Yamcha: I'd say he was stronger during his Cell days then he is at the end of the series. Seriously he sucks eggs (his power not the character). He is simply the weakest Z-Warrior besides Chazou. The reason for this is a number of reasons. 1 is that he doesn't ever train hardly. Ever. He trains but not with the same mind set of the others. While everyone was training to take on the Androids coming 3 years from now, he was fooling around with the woman in his gym!!! 2 is that he doesn't have the same frame of mind as the others, he likes to fight but not like the others. 3 is because he is just too damn lazy he just leaves it up to Goku and such. Well anyway cool character esp. in Dragon Ball the original but in DBZ they really made him suck. REALLY REALLY MADE HIM SUCK. Only reason he is stronger than Videl is because he's been at it for a longer time than Videl but give her 5 more years and you'll quickly see this spot occupied by Videl. Tier 5 fighter.

14. Videl: I have to think that there was a misprint in the previous list because no way in hell she is weaker than Chazou!! Chazou is an eternal child so his power can never grow over a certain limit. My evidence it that I think Videl can take on Nappa now and Chazou still can't!! Well she is pretty strong for a human and given a few years she'll probably get a lot stronger than she is now. End of Tier 5.

15. Chazou: It's understandable why Chazou is so weak, it's because he is an eternal child and therefore can never vastly increase his strength like the other Z-Warriors. Not much to say except he seemed strong in Dragon Ball but as Z came along so did stronger foes, which easily eclipsed Chazou. I won't group these last few guys into tiers since they're so weak it doesn't really matter.

16. Kamesennin Mutenroshi: Don't be fooled by his seemingly old age wisdom look to him. He is not very that strong of a fighter. In fact his power level of 139 NEVER changes throughout the whole series. It stays like that forever!!! Also don't be fooled when his body swells up to twice it's size, it's just a trick, his power level doesn't swell up incredibly. He still is at only 139. Well he's not bad of a fighter. At least he could take on the next guy on our list.

17. Yajirobe: I hate what Funimation has done to the character Yajirobe. Yeah he is a coward and such but they make him sound like he has no decent qualities at all when he does have his moments of heroism. If it wasn't for him the Z-Warriors would have lost quite a few battles. Well I do think he is weaker than Mutenroshi even with Kami's training since he can't seem to catch Karin while Mutenroshi did. Cool character in the Japanese version.

17. Mr. Satan: And the last on our list is none other than MISTER SATAN!!!! THE GREATEST WARRIOR IN THE UNIVERSE!!! Honestly Mr. Satan is only the greatest warrior in the universe due to taking credit for defeating Cell during the Cell Saga (which Gohan did). He is not bad for a human fighter (he once pushed 20 buses) but I think Kamesennin would still win against him in a fight. At least he can do a energy attack!!! He isn't very strong but he rules, just because he in influential in some of the battles (not through fighting of course) and saved our heroes butts quite a few times! I love his boasting!! MISTER SATAN RULES!!!!

- Seong Whang