"Nna Baka na! Tsuchi kara Umareta Saibaiman"
(Im...Impossible! The Saibaimen, Born From the Earth)
"A Black Day For Planet Earth" and
"The Battle Begins... Where Are You Goku?"

Nappa is unimpressed with the power level of the Earth people, and shows his disapproval by simply annihilating an entire city. He and Vegeta then detect the highest power levels on the planet, that of Piccolo and Gohan, and confront our heroes, Kuririn having arrived on the scene only minutes earlier. Nappa then plants six seeds in the ground, which seconds later, sprout into savage, plantlike creatures.

Just some stupid dialogue here, used to cover up the mayhem and destruction going on. Everything's fine, kids. No one gets hurt, and no one ever dies, don't worry.

This episode was the one where I realized that there was indeed something fishy going on regarding the covering up of death and violence, etcetera. Remember, the last time that someone actually died was Raditz and Goku, and they were still saying the word back when those episodes were aired. I got a twisted feeling in my stomach when I realized once and for all what was going on.

English episode 15 continued

Nappa, upon leveling the city: "That area may have been evacuated, but it'll give them something to think about!"

Alright, FUNimation, let me explain why this doesn't make sense: Number one, the pods landed about five minutes ago, and five minutes is, oh, a a couple of DAYS short of the time it would take to evacuate a city. Number two, there was a whole crowd of people gawking at Nappa as, AS, he was doing his attack, and unless they have some sort of magical teleportation device, or they can run two miles per second, they got zapped along with everything else.

Are you trying to insult the intelligence of every last person watching?

News reporter: "Fortunately, the area was evacuated at the time."

Yeah right, my ass it was.

English episode 15 ends (about 5 minutes in)

News reporter: "Fortunately, residents were able to vacate..."

All right, that's enough, FUNimation. You've embarrassed yourselves and everyone else quite enough.

Helicopter guy: "They blew up the cargo robot!"

Ah, I see. Cargo robot. Unmanned. Oh that's a relief... but wait... what if there were some insects or mice in the "cargo robot" at the time?? OH GOD NO! THAT MEANS THEY DIED!! I'M GOING TO WRITE A LETTER TO THE FCC AND COMPLAIN!! THIS SHOW PROMOTES CRUELTY TO ANIMALS!!!

Just for the record, the power levels in the English version are mistranslated often, I know a lot of you care about that sort of thing, so here's an example from where Nappa is reading them off:

Gohan: Japanese-981, English-1000
Piccolo: Japanese-1220, English-1400
Kuririn: Japanese-1083, English-1100

This is actually fairly good compared to how badly they are mistranslated at other times. Here they're just rounded off, more or less. Just thought I'd make a note not to necessarily believe in the power readings they give in the English version.

English episode 16 continues...