"Hitasura Matte San Jikan! Dangan Hikou no Kintoun"
(Waiting in Earnest for Three Hours! The Kintoun Bullet Train)
"Tien Goes All Out!" and
"Time's Up!"

Vegeta calls a three-hour truce in the fighting, thinking that when "Kakarotto" arrives, things will get much more interesting. A restless Nappa decides to go off by himself and have a little fun, destroying not only a flotilla of warships and fighter planes, but an entire city as well. He returns to the battlefield, the three hours expired, and Vegeta allows the battle to recommence. Meanwhile, Goku finally returns to Enma Daiou's Great Hall, meets Kami, and teleports back to the physical plane. He wastes no time and zooms off toward the battle site on Kintoun, grabbing a few Senzu beans from Karin along the way.

The highlight of this one is the sanitizing of Nappa's swath of destruction and indiscriminate killing, which is turned into a swath of... target practice. Also, we get to... well, we are FORCED to, hear Karin's English voice for the first time, my personal #1 most hated in the English version. Thank goodness he's such a minor character, this voice is just insultingly bad. He sounds like Harvey Fierstein.

By the way, the FUNimation dialogue writers got one right for once. This was when Vegeta says to Nappa: "Remind me to look into having you de-wormed again." Oh man, I was howling.

English episode 19 continued

(3 sec.) A shot of the news crew people staring (one of them filming) as Nappa's blast comes in and atomizes them. Of course, since they all "ran away" in the English version it wouldn't make sense for this to be here, now would it?

Nappa: "I never did watch the news... well, maybe just a few times... and it stunk!"

Where, pray tell, did you, a warrior from another planet, get a chance to watch the news? You'd think that Nappa and Vegeta had been living on Earth their whole lives what with the amount of stuff they seem to know. (They mention, among other things, soccer, barbecues, action figures, baseball, etc.) None of this is ever said in the Japanese version. You know why? BECAUSE IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! I could mention ALL of these lines, but I won't bother. This one just particularly bugs me for some reason.

The only reason I tolerate these stupid bits of dialogue to ANY degree is because the fact that all aliens in this show can speak to the Earthlings in their own language is already pretty unrealistic, no matter which version you're watching. So I can't fault FUNimation for that. But come on! The English version just goes to far. PLEASE stop with the stupid pop culture references!

A sampling of the evasive dialogue used throughout the episode as Nappa flies about destroying things:

(The newscrew) "Head for the hills! Run! Get out of here!" Oh, and Nappa makes sure to mention that the humans did indeed "run away" when he attacked.

(The air force) "Eject pilots, eject!" This is said just seconds before the planes start exploding, and I don't see any parachutes. No good, FUNimation, sorry.

(The Navy) "Abandon ship!" Once again, just seconds before the entire fleet explodes. Why do they even bother? Who in their right mind would believe that everyone could get to safety so quickly? Nonetheless, Nappa flies away saying: "Hope you Navy boys like to swim!"

(Nappa, after destroying the city) "These humans are such cowards! A little target practice on some empty buildings, and they scatter!" Oh give me a break, the "empty building" trick again. WHEN the hell is a building ever completely empty, and HOW the hell could Nappa possibly know if it was?

So was anyone fooled by any of this? That's totally infeasible to me. What was accomplished then? FUNimation insulting the intelligence of its audience, like usual, nothing more.

(4 sec.) When the Navy explodes there is a quick shot of an A-bomb looking explosion that radiates outward. This was cut, of course, to make it seem possible that the personnel would have had a chance at survival. I don't see why they bothered, it's ridiculous enough to think that they survived as it is.

End English episode 19 (about 12 and a half minutes in)

(23 sec.) The proof that the buildings were not "empty," nor was the city around them "evacuated." This sequence is actually a little graphic, we can see the people melting and hear them screaming as Nappa's blast wave hits.

English episode 20 continues...