"Tousan Sugee ya! Kyuukyoku no Hissatsuwaza Kaiouken"
(Father is Amazing! Kaiouken, the Deadly Finishing Technique)
"The Return of Goku" and
"Goku Strikes Back"

Nappa grows more furious by the moment as his every last attack is avoided easily by Goku. Vegeta tells his subordinate that he will take over now, and a frustrated Nappa suddenly attacks Gohan and Kuririn! Goku notices this at the last second, and uses the Kaiouken technique in order to catch up in time. He injures Nappa badly, who then begs Vegeta for help. Instead, the merciless Saiya-jin berates Nappa's weakness, tosses him into the air, and vaporizes him. Goku tells Gohan and Kuririn to return to the Kame House, and he and Vegeta fly off to do battle.

The amazing thing about this episode is how unaltered Nappa's death is, we see him melting, hear him screaming, the whole nine yards. (Well, he does yell "YOU BASTARD!" in the Japanese version, as opposed to "YOU DIRTY RAT!" in the English, but that's understandable, I guess.) Other than that, not much to report, except that there were about 4 minutes worth of insignificant snips here and there.

English episode 21 continued, it ends about 45 seconds in.

What is all that black crap on Nappa's face? Sure, most of it's probably dirt, but that stuff coming out of his mouth looks like... DRIED BLOOD! And, oddly enough, it's not censored! I've noticed that in several instances in the English version, if the blood on someone's face is very red, it'll be censored, but if it starts to not look like blood anymore (when it dries) they'll leave it as-is.

This is also very strange as far as cuts and bruises are concerned, often there are these red scratch-like patches on the characters, and sometimes they are censored, sometimes not, even if they look exactly the same in each case.

(40 sec.) When Goku is explaining the Kaiouken to Gohan and Kuririn, he says a little more, and we see a flashback of him doing some training excercises with Kaiou, who goes into more detail about the body's ability to withstand the Kaiouken, how powerful it is, etc.

It's a pretty pointless and unspectacular scene, you get the idea by going by what's left in the English version. Hmm... why am I mentioning it then? I usually skip this kind of thing... Oh well, boring episode alteration-wise, might as well.

English episode 22 continues...