"Ute Kuririn! Negai o Kometa Genkidama"
(Shoot, Kuririn! The Hopeful Genkidama)
"Stop Vegeta Now!" and
"The Battle Ends"

As Gohan and Vegeta fight, Kuririn launches the Genkidama at Vegeta just as he is about to finish Gohan off. Vegeta sees it coming toward him, however and leaps out of the way at the last moment, leaving the attack headed straight for Gohan! Goku contacts his son telepathically, and tells him to bounce the Genkidama back towards Vegeta, which he does, scoring a perfect hit. Vegeta falls to earth a little later, and is taken for dead. But to everyone's horror, his eyes snap open, and he counterattacks with a shockwave that knocks everyone unconscious. Vegeta then notices that Gohan's tail has grown back, and decides that he must be eliminated immediately.

The frantic snipping of the last few episodes of the season continues, and this one lost more useless, repetitive material than anything else. The first two minutes or so, in fact, are nothing but the last scenes of episode 33 shown over and over again from different perspectives. Don't get me wrong, they are still cool, but nothing specifically worth mentioning was lost.

The rest of the cutting is just there to make it so that FUNimation won't have to do so much painting. By this point, Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Kuririn are pretty much caked in gore from head to toe, and any chance FUNimation had to cut shots, they took. They basically tried to get by with the minimum amount of footage shown.

English episode 25 continued

So, everyone's in pretty bad shape at this point. Goku and Gohan are very bloody, mainly in the facial area, Kuririn is covered with bruises, etc. all over his body, and Vegeta's whole face is absolutely destroyed. It was quite hilarious, actually, when I would switch back and forth between the English and Japanese versions - everyone looked like absolute hell in the original, and then *bing* I'd switch back over to the dub, and they'd all be squeaky clean.

It's funny, this made me realize just how much more grueling the battle seems in the original, because of how much more screwed up everyone looks. Add to that the fact that it just doesn't make sense for them to appear almost totally unharmed.

English Episode 25 ends, about 10 minutes in

(4 sec.) Kuririn seems to have sustained some kind of internal injury, because he starts coughing up blood here. Yuck!

English episode 26 continues...