"Tobidase Uchuu e! Kibou no Hoshi wa Piccolo no Furusato"
(We're Off Into Space! The Planet of Hope is Piccolo's Home)
"The Battle Ends" and
"A New Goal...Namek!"

Buruma, Kame Sennin, Chichi and Karin arrive to pick up the weary survivors, and also carry out the much more grisly task of retrieving the bodies of their dead comrades. They hear from Kaiou, and decide that their last hope is to go to Namek and seek the Dragon Balls that exist there.

This is one of the saddest, most emotional episodes in all of DBZ: one of the famous "aftermath" shows. Surprisingly, much of the drama was actually retained in the translation, and the grief over the deaths, as well as the relief for the survivors was well communicated by the English cast.

However, the episode was watered down heavily not only becase the episode was snipped down to half its original size, but the most dramatic, jarring and important scene was cut in the English version.

English episode 26 continued, English episode 27 begins about two minutes in.

(3 min.) Just after the ship lands, Chichi comes tearing out of it at breakneck speed with a wild, psychotic look in her eyes, does a ten foot leap into the air, and snatches the unconscious Gohan from the arms of a terrified Kuririn. Immediately upon landing, she begins inspecting him for damage. Very, very funny, actually.

Meanwhile, Kame Sennin and Buruma walk over to Goku to see just how bad the damage is. Buruma bursts in to tears because of the sudden realization of what has happened, and she and Yajirobe start yelling at each other.

These scenes were alright, but no big loss overall.

(2 min. 11 sec.) The group flies to the first battle site, where the bodies of Yamucha, Tenshinhan, and Piccolo lay. Chaozu's is not recovered, since he was disintegrated in the battle, but Kuririn and Kame Sennin wrap the rest in body bags, and put them in the ship's cargo hold, while Buruma tearfully looks on.

I suppose I can forgive FUNimation for cutting this scene, since it is not exactly the type of thing you would ever see on Saturday morning television. In fact, Dragon Ball doesn't usually get so dark and grim, and the scene is actually very unsettling.

In the English version, Yajirobe seems to be scratching the underside of his nose. In the Japanese version, his finger is all the way up there, digging for gold.

Yep, they painted over the end of his finger, nosepicking is now a sin.

GOOD GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?? WE CAN'T SHOW SOMEONE PICKING HIS NOSE??? I don't know about you, but things like this make me wonder about the sanity of this nation. Incidentally, there are several minor snippets before and after this shot that show Yajirobe doing the same thing. Geez, he seems to have a problem.

After Kaiou bashes Bubbles over the head with the hammer, he's lying there with a huge welt coming out the top of his head. The welt is gone in the English version. Quite strange since FUNimation didn't seem to have a problem when Gregory had an even bigger one in the first season. Oh well. Perhaps Bubbles, being a primate, is too close to human to have painful-looking bruises. Gregory's just a bug. (By the way, does anyone else think this is a pretty damned brutal thing for Kaiou to do when Bubbles is just minding his own business celebrating??)

English episode 27 continues...