"Namek-sei Iki Hasshin! Gohantachi wo Matsu Kyoufu"
(Blast off for Planet Namek! The Terror Awaiting Gohan and the Others)
"A New Goal...Namek!" and
"Journey to Namek"

Buruma returns to the hospital, and excitedly tells the others about the successful launch of Kami's spaceship. She, Kuririn, and Gohan decide to make the journey to Namek, and they depart soon after.

About half of this episode was cut, but there really wasn't anything important lost. Most of the content, in fact, did nothing more that slow down the forward momentum of the story

English Episode 27 continued, English Episode 28 begins about 2 minutes in.

(3 min. 52 sec.) This was the biggest cut in the episode. Chichi is in the hospital room, taking care of Goku and Gohan, when Kuririn bursts in to tell the three of them that the ship worked. Chichi leaves for a while, and Kuririn and Goku fall asleep. Gohan takes this opportunity to escape out the window. He does pull-ups on the side of the building, and then walks along a rail, practicing his balance. A worried Chichi finds him and scolds him, and he returns to the hospital room.

(1 min. 55 sec.) A doctor removes the bandage on Kuririn's head. Meanwhile, Goku, unable to stand or do much movement, still feels that training is necessary despite his condition, and he lets Gohan use his hand as a punching bag. He can feel that his son's power is growing, and even this limited excercise is good for his spirits.

When Gohan is taking off his bandages and preparing Chichi starts panicking and tells him he shouldn't go because "You have that science project due next week..."

Um... no. Gohan has been TRAINING WITH PICCOLO for a year. And after the battle with Vegeta, he went straight to the hospital. There was no time for him to just pop into school and get a homework assignment.

(1 min. 12 sec.) Buruma comes out from the back room of the ship, and shows the boys her new outfit, the one she will be wearing for the next, oh, 70 episodes or so. Following this scene, there are some drawn out shots of the characters, as the narrator sets up the next episode.

English Episode 28 continues...