85 "Machi ni Matta ze, Kono Shunkan!!! Son Gokuu ga Fukkatsu da"
(I've Waited and Waited For This Moment!!! Goku Restored)
70 "The Renewed Goku" 99-10-4

None of Vegeta's attacks prove to be effective against the seemingly invincible Freeza, who simply avoids them all like minor annoyances. Vegeta is at last forced to accept that he has met his match, and begins to weep as Freeza attacks him mercilessly. Meanwhile, Goku's recovery is finally completed, and he readies himself for the upcoming confrontation.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the Freeza saga because it is truly groundbreaking, characterwise. We see Vegeta in a state of vulnerability that he's never even approached. I mean, he's crying. It's well directed, well paced, and Vegeta is well acted by Ryo Horikawa and even... (dare I say it?) Chris Sabat. Yes, he actually does a good job in this episode of conveying Vegeta's fear and hopelessness. I'd go as far as to say that this is one of the best episodes in all of Season 3 in terms of the dub cast.

Edit-wise, there are some weird ones here, and they really make me wonder.

(42 sec.) This cut begins just after a shot of Vegeta lying on the ground. Freeza picks him up by the hair, and then does something really interesting. Did you notice that crab that was walking around on Vegeta's shoulder just before the cut? Freeza picks the crab off, and then proceeds to EAT IT LIKE AN APPLE. He then punches Vegeta in the back a few times and drops him to the ground. This is where the dub cuts back in, and it all ends up looking pretty seamless.

I'm not sure if this was cut for the hair grabbing (they got rid of a similar shot between Freeza and Gohan), the crab eating (you never know), or the back punching (check out the next few cuts), but it's gone for some reason.

As Vegeta is careening through the air after being smacked in the face by Freeza, who is doing that cool spinning around thing, blood starts flowing from Vegeta's nose and mouth. Some of it is left as-is, while the bit of it that is actually flowing off of his face is censored. I often wonder in these pseudo-censored shots, who decides precisely where the line is drawn? Just how much blood is too much?

(17 seconds) Much like the first cut in this episode, this has to do with Freeza punching Vegeta in the back. The snip starts just after the close-up of Freeza drawing his fist, then there is a consecutive 17 seconds of non-stop punching, and it cuts back in just a couple of frames after Vegeta coughs up a spurt of blood. You can even hear the music skip here, since as of Season 3, the BGM was being composed for the uncut video versions of the episodes.

(11 seconds) Even more back punching from Freeza, this occurs between the shot of Goku on top of Freeza ship, and the left to right pan of Gohan, Piccolo, and Kuririn's horrified expressions.

So, in the end, the cuts in this episode are basically centered around Vegeta being punched in the back, which is truly bizarre. Especially since you still end up seeing two or three of these punches, and a nice, wide-angle flurry. Sure, it's OK to show an innocent child being murdered, but very, very wrong to show close ups (but not wide shots) of a man being punched in the back.

And I thought all of the incomprehensible cutting nonsense had been left in the Saban-haunted past...