103 "Aware Freeza! Furuedashitara Tomaranai"
(Pitiable Freeza! His Trembling Will Not Stop)
88 "Pathos On Frieza" 99-10-28

Freeza and Goku go at it in an all-out slugfest, and while both are holding their own, it is becoming clear that Goku has the upper hand. Even Freeza begins to appear noticeably afraid that the unthinkable might occur. Finally, Goku powers down and announces that the battle is over, and that they both know Freeza will lose. But he refuses to accept this, and launches a homing energy blade at Goku.

First of all, very interesting title on FUNimation's part. They're apprently targeting kids with this show, but what kid knows what the word "pathos" means? I myself come across it quite infrequently outside of academia, and it just kind of struck me as odd that they would use some obscure Greek term in their episode title. Poly allokotos bebaia!

And while I'm on the subject, the title card is different in this episode between the two versions. The Japanese one shows a moving cloud of dust behind the letters, whereas the dub just uses a still of the Namek sky. Not sure why they did this, but I do remember that Episode 95's title card had a moving background of shimmering gold, and while the dub used the same shot, the background didn't move. Maybe it's some technical thing having to do with FUNi not being given "wordless" versions of the title cards by Toei? Well, I guess it doesn't make a lick of difference either way.

I like this episode a lot more than the last one, by the way. It's kind of interesting from a psychological perspective, and the fighting is way better than usual. It's... I don't know, more... rugged?

Kaiou: "(overexplaining everything)"

Here of course, I'm talking about the UNFORGIVABLY LONG flashback of Freeza bombing Namek's core, which happened literally SIX EPISODES AGO. It's bad enough that Toei put something so hideously unnecessary there in the first place, but FUNi only makes it worse by having dub Kaiou explain to Tenshinhan and Yamucha what's going on. Um, the situation isn't terribly difficult to grasp, and I somehow doubt that they've forgotten about it quite yet. Particularly since it happened four minutes ago in their time.

Freeza: "Round and round the monkey goes. If he should stop, off with his nose!"

Round and round my stomach goes. When I first heard this line, my nipples both froze.

(30 sec.) I have NO IDEA why this happened. All that's here is some brawling between Goku and Freeza, and it's no more violent than anything else that takes place in this episode. In fact, it's somewhat LESS violent than a few of the shots they leave in. Nothing would have even needed to be censored here, unlike the next few shots I'm about to discuss.

Was this a time cut? Probably. But if they need to cut for time, why not just get rid of the shots that they're going to need to censor anyway?

There are three relatively quick and mild censors in this episode.

The first is the most surprising, since it's not even blood they're censoring, but spit. Freeza coughs up a bit of it after being hit by Goku near the beginning of the episode.

The second occurs a bit later, when Goku lands that good, solid punch to Freeza's gut. There's a nice little blood cough here.

The third happens a bit later, also a blood cough-up from Freeza. This one's really quick though, less than a second.

Animation goof: The colors in the symbol on Kaiou's chest are inverted (black is white, and white is black).