A (brief??) Preface
Well, you guys know me. I always have to say something before you read any and every section of my site. But I'll try to keep this short.

First, I want to make it clear that, for the most part, this list is NOT my work. I found it on the web several years ago, about the time the series was ending in Japan. I was actually debating whether or not it was worth my ink and paper to make a copy, and decided that it wasn't. I went on with my surfing, but reconsidered a few minutes later, went back to the site and printed the list out. Boy am I glad that I did! Not more than a week went by that there was the ol' "404 Not Found" where the list had been. Very much to my surprise, since that time this simple text file has turned out to be the most valuable and useful of all my Dragon Ball-related posessions. It was immensely helpful in the construction of this site, a great quick reference tool when I need to find out, for example, which episode Nappa dies in, and I still look at it religiously (as I have for the past two years) to find out what will happen next on the International Channel airings.

So, I would like to say thank you a thousand times to Henry La Pierre, who put it on the web originally. The credit goes first and foremost to him.

At this point I also must mention that I have made several modifications and revisions to the list from its original form. First, I have converted character and place names to my own romanizations in the interest of consistency and clarity. Second, I have corrected a few factual errors, added a few details here and there, and edited or rewritten excessively long episode descriptions. Other than that, this is all still essentially Henry's work.

The list itself is about as simple as it could possibly be, which is what I think is so good about it. The episode summaries are actually not "summaries" per se, but instead very basic, short descriptions of one or two "principle events" of the episode, one line of plain text or less. Usually only major points are listed, and the descriptions are not meant to be in depth by any means. For example, episode 87 says simply "Goku fights Freeza." Of course, there are more particulars than just this, but overall, nothing worth specifically mentioning happens. Therefore, because of the brevity of the synopses, don't go into this list thinking that you will be able to piece together the whole series just by reading it, there's a whole lot of detail left out. As a matter of fact, trying to follow the story coherently through "eras" that you haven't seen will be impossible unless you actually know the plot behind the events, which isn't discussed in the list.

But all that notwithstanding, I feel it's only fair to issue a warning to a certain group out there. I know that a lot of American fans have courageously untertaken the nearly impossible task of letting the English version tell them the story, having faith that FUNimation will eventually get through the whole series. These brave souls have against all odds kept themselves from peeking at the almost omnipresent spoilers on the Internet, and have decided that they will just have to deal with the waiting and uncertainty. So even though the episode list isn't all that specific, it is probably the biggest source of spoilers you'll find on the web.

So in other words **MAJOR SPOILER WARNING! CLICK THAT LINK ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING AND PREPARED TO KNOW THE SECRETS WITHIN!** In a way, it feels a little cruel to put this list up, knowing that for the "spoiler avoidance" people it's a bit like dangling meat in front of a hungry dog. But there are a lot of people who have been waiting a long time for a list like this, so I'm putting it up for them.

You know, I'm actually rather amazed that such a thing has not been made available until now. Out of all the hundreds of DBZ sites out there, not ONE has a complete episode list?? What's up with that? Oh well, I have a feeling this one will be gratefully welcomed nonetheless. Feel free to copy and use it on your site but please, PLEASE, GIVE PROPER CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE! (In other words, leave the writer credits at the top of the list as-is, and everything will be OK.) Better yet, tell me if you plan to use it on your site, I'd like to know.

And so, after a 3-year absence, I proudly bring to you the triumphant return to the Web of the newly revised, easily printable, and one-of-a-kind:

Complete Dragon Ball Z Episode List!