The Garlic Jr. Saga

Japanese English
108 "Terrors in Heaven!! Will Garlic Jr. Become Kami!?" 93 "The Heavens Tremble"
109 "Black Mist of Terror...!! Everyone Becomes a Demon" 94 "Black Fog Of Terror"
110 "Heaven is a Battlefield!! Piccolo Regresses to a Demon" 95 "Battle In Kami's Lookout"
111 "A Direct Showdown with Piccolo!! An Angry Masenko in Heaven" 96 "Fight With Piccolo"
112 "Take Back Everyone's Hearts!! The Super Holy Water in the Temple" 97 "Call For Restoration"
113 "We Can't Wait Until Morning!! Kami-sama's Do-or-Die Resolution" 98 "Suicidal Course"
114 "Extreme Battle!! Kami-sama Violates the Law" 99 "Extreme Measures"
115 "The Super Holy Water Worked!! The World Awakens From the Nightmare" 100 "The World Awakens"
116 "Gohan's Momentary Chance for Victory!! Hit the Makyou-sei..." 101 "Brief Chance For Victory"
117 "What a Man... Kuririn's 101st Proposal" 102 "Krillin's Proposal"