May 1st Hey guys. Not exactly a huge update this time, I've decided to try a little something different from now on and spread out new stuff over the month rather than doing it all at once. It's easier for me (I hate those cram sessions), and probably better for you as well. It's always nice to come to a site and see that it's been updated, however slight.

Anyway, I've got 3 new awards to show off, and 7 new opinion essays (yes, there are still more to be added. I'll get through them in the next couple of weeks, so PLEASE BE PATIENT! IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR ESSAY UP RIGHT AWAY, IT DOESN'T MEAN IT WON'T BE!) I've decided to wait on the editorial, but the real gem of this update is the long-awaited and coveted DBZ Episode list! YAY! You can find that on the main Series page.

Finally, you may have noticed that the DBZ Anti Censorship Petition link is gone. That's because the administrators of toriyama.org have now sent it off to FUNimation. Let's hope that something good comes of this! The new episodes will be released both cut and uncut, but what about seasons 1 and 2? Hopefully, there's still a chance of seeing them unaltered.

I'm breathless with anticipation for the new episodes, and those of us who ordered one (or both) tapes from FUNimation's store should be receiving them around the 18th of this month (at which time I'll probably have been standing in line for several days for a certain movie that I've also been breathlessly anticipating, heh heh).

See y'all soon!

April 18th I actually had some extra time, so I decided to go into the ol' Opinion Requests folder and try to thin it out at least somewhat. So I put up 7 new essays, no more no less. I'll be back around the first of the month with (hopefully) the rest of the essays I haven't yet posted, a new editorial, and...

(Drum roll please)

(No really, this is big news)


The long promised, much awaited, and oh-so-invaluable.... COMPLETE Dragon Ball Z Episode List!!!!

Now if you'll excuse me, it's almost 6:00, which on Sunday is the holiest time of the week. The time when I must bow to the International Channel gods.

April 10th Whew... well, I wanted to update sooner, but it turns out that I didn't have much of a Spring Break after all, I worked every day. Anyway, it's Saturday so I'm not actually late, at least.

This time I have at long last put up a new editorial (it's been TWO MONTHS since the last one), the latest in the series of FUNimation interviews, and I've modified "The Third Season: Some Speculation" (on this page) since it was badly out of date. It now reflects the latest developments. Read it, it took me a while to finish.

Speaking of which, most of you have probably heard the newest batch of news pertaining to good ol' season 3. I'm not going to bother putting it up here since it's gotten to the point that every time any new information becomes available, about 20 sites have it up within a week. That being the case, I kinda feel like I'm wasting a lot of time and energy to simply chime in with the chorus. Therefore, since this "news" is so readily available, you shouldn't have any problem at all finding it. Here, go to EX's site and read it, and come back when you're done.

Sorry there's no new opinion essays, everybody. I plan to put up a crapload within the next two weeks, but it would have taken me a lot longer to get this update online if I had decided to prepare all of them. More link requests on the way, too.

Finally, it seems that not everyone appreciated my little April Fool's joke. A lot of you did, but... well, I'll just let this guy speak for himself:


p.s. You have been warned....

Mental note: don't ever pinch this guy on St. Patrick's Day if he's not wearing green. Violent castration and dismemberment may result.

(Sigh) Be back in a while.

April 1st Hi guys, got some big news! But before I get to that, you should know that the whole update isn't ready yet (not by a long shot!), I've been extremely busy. But I promised a bunch of people that there would be at least something new on the first of the month, so I've put up six new opinion essays. Also, a new Pick of the Moment that you MUST CHECK OUT NOW! Okay, okay, no big deal, but it'll tide you over until I have the rest up, which will be some point next week. My Spring Break starts in three days, so I'll be back REAL soon.

Now for that big news...

Get ready everyone, because I've just been told by a very reliable source that Cartoon Network has decided not to wait until fall to start showing the third season of DBZ. NEW EPISODES WILL AIR STARTING MAY 1st!! Read the complete story!

March 14th THIS IS NOT A REAL UPDATE!!! I just had to change one thing, because due to a rather "honest" visitor, I realized that I've been in an embarrasing situation for the last few weeks. Here is his message:

That's pretty lame saying you "need" people's help just to get them to click sponsors. There's a gif for an "anti-censorship petition" but I fail to see how clicking a sites' sponsor helps it at all. This is very uncharacteristic of you, and I'm surprised at your lack of integrity.

At first, I didn't know what the HFIL he was talking about. But then it hit me: Anyone who doesn't have a JavaScript-enabled browser will NOT see the link to the Anti-Censorship petition, but they WILL see the "DBZ FANS WE NEED YOUR HELP! CLICK ABOVE NOW!" thing. Problem is that if you can't see the image, it looks like I'm talking about the T-shirt banner! In other words, it appears as if I'm groveling like a used car salesman to get you to click it.

Crap. Boy, is my face red. Uncharacteristic of me indeed! It's even easier to misunderstand the situation if you're used to those "Please click our sponsor" messages on far too many sites. So the bottom line is this: NO, I am not begging you all to click on the shirt banner. I would never, ever do something so tacky. I AM, however, begging you to click on the Anti-Censorship link. So, just to be safe, I have changed the text to "Click here now" and have made it a link, so that those of you who can't see the gif can get through to the petition.

Man, I hope nobody else noticed...

March 1st OK, sorry. I know most of you hate them, but it was time. Yes, I'm doing the BANNER thing now. Well what can I say? My intention was not to have advertising unless (1) someone actually came to me and made me an offer, and (2) I was satisfied with their product and their service. Requirement one was met when I T-Shirt King approached me through e-mail and asked very nicely if I would link to them (with a little incentive, heh), and number 2... well, I like what they've got. Anyway, they sell DBZ T-shirts (as well as many others) and I honestly think that the shirts being made for the US market are the one piece of DBZ merchandising that stands above and beyond everything else in terms of quality and overall coolness, so I'm proud to promote them on this site by linking to a retailer that sells them. I say, support FUNimation's licensses that are doing a good job (Pioneer, Viz, the T-shirt manufacturers) by buying their products, and don't support those who are wasting peoples' money (Irwin toys). We're much more likely to get better merchandise that way.

So anyway, what has my sellout ass got for ya this time?? 5 new opinion essays, new info has been added to each of the three movies about the Cartoon Network airings, and I received two awards. There's a bunch of new links in "by request", but there's one I didn't add because it contains some information that I know was copied from my site. You know who you are. And it's no big deal, just GIVE ME CREDIT for the info, and I'll link you. Finally, yet another q & a has been added to the FAQ to address that topic upon which so many of you NA viewers are utterly lost: Who IS that "Lunch" chick?

Be back next time with more stuff, including a new editorial and another (reprinted) FUNimation interview. Also coming soon (but not next time): that complete DBZ episode list that I've been promising ever since I first opened this site. YAY!

February 16th Not too big of an update this time, sorry to get your hopes up. My main reason was to add the link to toriyama.org's petition to get Pioneer to release uncut, Japanese versions of DBZ for the upcoming DVD release of the series. Click on the button at the top of the front page to read more about it if you haven't yet, and DO IT NOW! Time is short.

Well, it seemed a little cruel to add that and only that, so I've also put up 3 new opinion essays and a reprinted interview with Piccolo himself, Mr. Scott McNeil. Woo hoo! I'm sure some of you will find that interesting. Well, for the amount of time it took me to type it, you better!

I'll be back in a few weeks with more stuff, see you then.

February 9th Hi again. The main feature this time (as usual) is an obscenely long editorial (my biggest ever) dealing with a few bits of news that broke during the last few weeks. VERY important, please read it. Next, I've got 6 new opinion essays, some of which are really damned good.

Also new to the opinions section is a reprint of an interview with FUNimation that appeared in Animerica magazine a couple years back. Even if you've read it already, check it out. Naturally, I have added my snide, rude, mean-spirited commentary, and I know how much you all love that. This is the first in a series of interviews from outside sources that I plan to add with the next few updates.

The FAQ has been updated addressing the incessant "When will new episodes air?" question that I'm always getting, and last but not least, I've made a few corrections here and there that no one will notice. Oh, and I learned something important recently: Jason Couchenour sent a forwarded message that he wrote to Doc Harris. He asked if Doc did indeed do the voice of Ginyu and the Great Elder (Saichorou). Doc's reply: "Naw, I was the narrator." Well, that proves two things. One, that Doc actually DOES reply to at least some of his e-mail, and two, my ears aren't as good as I thought they were. Oh well, I'll have to go through the episodes again and correct where necessary.

One last thing: Many of you have sent me opinion essays within the past month, and I haven't put all of them up yet. So if you don't see yours this time, please be patient. I add them in the order received, and I'll get to yours with the next update. Same goes for link requests. I actually didn't do any this time, but I promise to get those up soon. Also upcoming: my impressions on the Cartoon Network airings of the three DBZ movies, more interviews, more this, more that. You get the idea.

Man, I'm so *serious* tonight, and I'm not sure why. Can you tell through the way I'm writing? I haven't smiled once.

January 11th Howdy fellers, I'm back. Happy 1999. This time I've got a whole slew of stuff for you, all of it pretty damned cool... I added the third and final part of my editorial "The State of DBZ in America," the links page has been updated with two new "Links By Request," a link to Doc Harris' home page under "Sites Pertaining to US DBZ," a new "Pick of the Moment," a certain site (which shall remain nameless) has been added to my coveted top four (sure it's coveted) to replace Suushinchuu, and finally there's a list of some non-DBZ sites you might want to check out. The opinions section has 6 new essays gracing its hallowed halls, there's a new Question and Answer in the e-mail FAQ (read it, dammit!), I put up an awards section, and I've also added a really cool feature to the site. See that "Mind-it" thing on the front page? Just click on the button, enter you information, and voila! You'll get an automatic e-mail every time this site gets updated. This means less hits for me (since there won't be people checking back constantly for new stuff) but its MUCH better for you; no more getting pissed off because you're sick of waiting for the next update. Who loves ya?

Last but not least, I have tinkered with some of the text here and there, most notably in the Introduction, which is more current and accurate now. You probably won't notice any of these changes, but I thought I'd mention it anyway just to be thorough.


Updates from the beginning to December '98