What a week....
Am I surprised? Yeah... Am I happy? Oh yeah... Did I expect this? Hell no!

I guess all that I can say is "THANK YOU!!" for making my first week on the Web a successful one. I had hoped for a hundred hits, two hundred was a more outlandish estimate, but if someone had told me a week ago that I would have gotten Over A THOUSAND HITS by now, I would have smacked them upside the head for lying to me. But it's all true! I actually got bandwidth warnings from my ISP because I was getting too much traffic. (I still think they have their non-commercial bandwidth limit set WAY too low, but that's just one of my many reasons for wanting to give them the boot, and... uh... totally off the subject.)

(Pause to clean up the Mountain Dew my clumsy ass just spilled everywhere)

Anyway, I'm extremely pleased and I'm grateful to everyone who took the time to visit me, particularly those who sent e-mail with their comments. I enjoyed them all, and haven't gotten a message yet that I didn't enjoy and appreciate. I'm surprised that so many of you are actually READING this stuff! Oh well, I hope you all find it enjoyable to one degree or the other.

The comments I have received so far have been overwhelmingly positive, and I have only received complaints about one (quite unexpected) thing. It seems that my blurb on the front page about there not being an alternative to Windows has gotten several of you LINUX users in a bit of an uproar, including my hyperactive, slightly deranged older sister, who threatened me with bodily injury if I didn't not only acknowledge it, but kneel down before it. You LINUX people are religious zealots, I tell ya. Just for that, I'm going to keep my little smartass comment the way it is for a while, because that's the kind of guy I am, heh heh. Oh well, since 91% of my hits are Windows, and 6% Macintosh, I guess I'm not offending too many of you.

And finally, I must give special thanks to Jei (Jay?) and Nikkou Harvey of the Anime Web Turnpike for choosing my site as a Pick of the Week, which is probably the greatest honor an anime-related site can get, and where I am certain at least 99.9% of my traffic is coming from. Things will slow down next week, I'm sure, but the advertising REALLY helped, and is exactly what I needed to help start me out. I just hope that most of you didn't find your way here thinking that this site was about... ahem... something else. Hey, with a title like "DBZ Uncensored" at least ONE person must have come here thinking this was a Hentai page.

So, thanks everyone! Hope you have all returned this week to learn more about the silly antics of those nutty censors, and for those of you visiting for the first time, let the fun begin!

Next week: A more interesting editorial, one that may actually be ON TOPIC!!

See you in seven days...

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