My Personal Top Three
(in no particular order)

Easily the best DB-related site on the web right now, and competing with the late, great Suushinchuu as the best of all time. This is a true tour-de-force, combining all of the classic Akira Toriyama Super Database, Daimao's Dragon Ball Z (and now Dragon Ball) Episode Guide, and topped off with a bunch of original material. I guarantee you won't be disappointed after checking it out.

The database section is by far the most valuable source of information on Akira Toriyama, his thoughts on his creations, and behind-the-scenes info on DB, Doctor Slump, Cowa, and many others. It contains translated interviews, manga summaries, explanations of all the pun names used in Dragon Ball, and much more.

The (aforementioned) DB and DBZ episode guides are also here, and they alone are well worth the visit. I mentioned elsewhere that DBZ Uncensored was going to include a complete episode guide at one point, but I decided not to, and this is the number one reason. I could never compete. The design is absolutely jaw-dropping, and Daimao's skillful use of HTML and Java makes me sick with jealousy. The page has gone through revision after revision, and it gets just a little more perfect each time.

So, any drawbacks to toriyama.org? Well, the front page, while very nifty and well designed, is a loading time nightmare. Also, the episode guide is moving along very, very slowly, it seems to be going at the rate of about 10 episodes a year. Nonetheless, it will be truly awesome when finished. The bottom line? If you've never visited toriyama.org, go there now.

** THIS SITE IS CURRENTLY DOWN. I'm still going to leave the link up though. Best of luck to the toriyama.org crew on getting their domain name back. **

Formerly a mere Pick of the Moment as the humble "VegettoEX's Home Page," and now basically kicking my ass. I knew the little gaki would surpass me someday, and now it's finally happened. The site features an all-new design and more sections, not to mention the fact that EX actually has a staff these days. This means that the site is now updated constantly with all sorts of stuff, whereas the time between my updates is measured in geologic time. EX has consistently improved over the years, so I can only assume that this site will get even better with time. Damn him.

 Planet Namek
No need for me to advertise this one, as it is easily the most popular Dragon Ball fan site in the history of the Web. It contains not only all of the translated manga from the now-deceased Daily Dragon Ball Chapters, but a fantastic collection of multimedia, information, fan art, and fan fics. Planetnamek.com is also the proud host of some of the hottest DB sites out there, including Ginga GIRI GIRI, and DBZ:S3. Above and beyond all of that however is the news sectiuon, right there on the front page. It's updated almost every day, and has become ground zero for fans looking for the latest happenings in the DB world.

Pick of the Moment

Since my site is dead, I suppose this "moment" would last forever. So go to Past Picks.

Past Picks

Other Good DBZ Sites

Saiya-jin's Fit of Rage (formerly Argon's American DBZ Playground) - I already reviewed this site, but I thought I'd update my comments because it has improved once again! First of all, it has a much better title, that last one just left something to be desired. Second, the design looks much better, and the overall "look" is more effective. But a couple of the links are dead, at least when I went there. Otherwise, the rest of my review remains the same.

The best part are the Real Time episodes of DBZ, an extremely cool feature that started with this site as far as I know, but has since been copied by many others. Oh well, that's the way it goes I guess.

DBZ2057 - To be honest, a big part of the reason I'm adding this link is because the owner REALLY wanted me to do so. But once I began to look through the site, I realized that it was quite deserving on its own merit. This is a fantastic site! The design is great, with an extremely cool JavaScript interface, and there's a whole bunch of cool stuff here. Not really anything that you can't find on other sites in some form, but it's all put together so well that its a true pleasure to get it here.

Mr. Popo's Palace - Prepare to be shocked, that's all I'm going to say. Part of me is hesitant to recommend this site, since it's really not appropriate for...well...most people. But there's a side of me that has a really sick sense of humor, and loves this kind of stuff. As much as I am reluctant to use the phrase "laugh out loud funny," this site is genuinely that. Michael Payne is one of those people who likes to tip over the sacred cows of DBZ fandom and pee on them, which is always a treat. Check it out, if you've got the cajones.

Psaturn's Homepage - (sigh)

Well, what can I say about Psaturn, and this very "interesting" site of his?

I have the urge to say quite a bit, actually, but these link synopses must be kept to a respectable length, you know. Anyway, it would be a stretch to say that this site is even a DB page, but there's enough related content for me to count it as one. A series of IM interviews that go in some rather hideous directions are the main attraction, most of which are obscenely funny. Sometimes I ponder whether Psaturn himself is nothing but a sarcastic asshole with no respect for the feelings of others, or an endlessly clever but tragically misunderstood comic genius who just likes to screw around with uptight people that take themselves too seriously. I wonder the same thing about myself, actually. In any case, all I know for sure is that this site made me laugh maniacally, which very few DB sites are able to do, and genuinely intelligent humor like this deserves more hits. Prepare yourself for an avalanche of comedy.

And if you like that sort of thing, then I suppose you should check out Zion, the historic land of Israel as a symbol of the Jewish people. Or...no. In this context, it's just the homepage of the evil known as ALDP. Be sure to read the TV editorial, because it's got the "humor" thing, and is the main reason why I'm linking the site. And ALDP's reasonably funny in general, I guess. Definitely funnier than those "Things DBZ Characters Never Say" lists that make me want to slit my own throat.

PiccoMark's Dragonball ROM's Site - This site doesn't have the best design in the world, nor is it all that revolutionary or spectacular. But you know what it does have? A subject. A focus. A purpose. And that's why I put it on the link page. So few DB sites actually concentrate on one thing, and do really well on that one thing. Instead, most are all over the map content-wise, none of it being particularly good. This site is about ROM's, and that's it. The creator chose a topic, went with it, and he now has a successful site because of it. Anyway, check it out if you're looking for DB games or emulators, it's the best resource for such things that I've seen.

Other Sites Pertaining to U.S. DBZ

KaiOhShin's Definitive Dragon Ball Z American Television Show Page - A solid and well-written site, with censor lists, screen shots, and detailed summaries, and a few points of interest on the overalll work. Although he only got up to episode 9, his site is still worth checking out, and there are a few other interesting sections on his home page.

Angry At American DBZ - Well, this guy is certainly a whole lot less forgiving than I am. Aside from a few minor sections, this site is mainly an essay on what the owner thinks of FUNimation's Dragon Ball Z, and a few letters of response. Some good insights and some good points.

Dragon Ball Blast - Another site with detailed synopses of each American episode, and lists of what was cut and censored. Also, a few other sections of interest.

FUNimation's DBZ site - Home of the enemy (heh heh, just kidding.) Actually a pretty interesting, well-designed site, a lot better than it used to be anyway. All DBZ fans should check it out at least once, since it certainly is an impressive achievement.

Doc Harris' Home Page - Yep, the humble abode of "The Narrator" himself. The only DBZ voice actor I know of who has his own website, and this one is actually quite good. Doc proves to be a very funny guy with a lot of personality, and a talented web designer to boot. This isn't really a DBZ site, but I thought you'd all like to take a look at it. And yes, I have tried to get him to interview for me, but haven't received so much as a one word response. But if any of you manage to get a reply from him, I'd love to hear about it.

Now, I KNOW that isn't all of the American DBZ sites, so if you've got one or you know of one, tell me!

Miscellaneous Sites

Anime Web Turnpike - I feel kinda stupid putting this link here, I mean come on! If you're into anime at all you know what it is, where it is, and probably visit regularly. Well...thought I'd put it here just in case.

The Anti-Robotech Web Site - Basically a long essay about the evils of Carl Macek's "reinterpretation" of Macross, Southern Cross, and Mospeada. Exceptionally well-written, and I recommend anyone who enjoys my site to check it out. He makes a lot of the same points I do, and some excellent ones of his own.

Save Our Sailors - An awesome source of information for anyone interested in the present and future of Sailor Moon in the States.

Animiko Central - AniMiko is a friend of mine, but I'm not just linking this site because of that. I really think you should check it out. This is just about the cutest damned thing I've ever seen on the web, I almost collapsed and died from cute exposure. It's basically a collection of fanmanga (DBZ is the subject of one of them), scans from various other stuff, and a bunch of etcetera. I'm not sure if it's the art (she draws her own) or the text, but it's all just... THAT way. Overall, the site is oozing with personality and original content, and you all know by know how much those two things matter to me. Just go look at it.

The Force.net - One of the best sites on the web, period. Legendary among not only Star Wars fans, but even mainstream media. Another link I kind of feel stupid putting here. I mean, if you're a Star Wars fan, you know about this site, if you're not... well, you won't care!

Star Wars Prequel Rumors - If you're like me, then you're probably tearing your hair out waiting for the new Star Wars movies, the second of which comes out in... um... three years. Whew, that sucks. Anyway, this site eases the pain just a bit. It has a plethora of information about the production and politics of the upcoming movies. Not as good as theforce.net, but still very cool in its own right.

The Brunching Shuttlecocks - Good Lord, this site is funny. Funny is an understatement, actually. This site is... Oh never mind, just go. It's an cavalcade of humor that will leave you...uh...laughing. Hard. Also, I just happen to be stalking the chief editor-guy for no particular reason. He's local, so I figured, hey, why not?

Metro Santa Cruz Article that Plugs The Comic My Friend and I Used To Do - Well, as the link says, this is an article from the online version of Metro Santa Cruz (a local newspaper) that plugs the comic my friend and I used to do. Keep in mind that the article is over three years old, and we stopped doing Timebomb Theatre long ago. And no, we're not distributing the issues anymore, sorry. Besides, my art has improved a lot since then, and I'd be embarrassed for anyone to see this crappy old stuff. But check the article out if you have the slightest interest in me outside of this site. And if you do, seek help.

Duo and Gally's Very Own Webpage - This is my friend Butter-chan... eh... I mean... Gally-chan's site. If you have a bishounen fetish, are into Gundam Wing, or just like cute stuff, you have to go here. There's a LOT of writing (like my site!), and a little something for everyone. For the ladies, her site is oozing with sexy guys. For the men... well... maybe it is a bit too female-oriented for most of you. But I like it, so that must count for something...

Soooo... you should have found something to go to by now. Come on, man, there's link after link up there. Alright, you picky sumbitch. You asked for it.