I am a huge DBZ fan (well as huge as one could be for a beginner) and would like to get up on the soapbox and rant all I want. My gripes bother to the point that I can no longer watch American DBZ without ranting in the middle of the show. Let me say though that it's not all Funimations fault for the censoring (hey some of the people even admit they hate censoring and the first 3 movies were uncut and avaliable in sub titles). They were made to do it by marketing people who see the cartoon and see ceral boxes and halloween costumes not the majorlly popular fun fest of fights that the otaku community see.

Anyways first off my least favorite is the way that nobody can DIE. Why not plenty of people die all the time even on other kids shows (ie: the original Johnny Quest) and DBZ isn't really a kids show (well maybe in Japan but in America I've only seen teenagers and adults that enjoy the show). They could just say like the person "passed on" or "isn't with us" but "the next dimension" that just sounds retarded. Hello when you die you die! They want shows to show the consequences of actions than why do they not show that when some one gets hit by a big fireball they die. Plus they have to make up dumb reasons for why no one dies when a whole freakin city is destroied (I'm sorry it was not an abandoned part of the city).

Then there's the little things like insults. Why don't they just take the really offensive insults with less offensive ones (why not use idiot instead of vegetable head). And blood. Kids fall down and they bleed, some one gets slammed to the ground from 50 feet in the air, they're going to bleed. To me this is just dumb.

I'm a Christian, but I wouldn't mind them having to get rid of replacing any thing that contradicts Christen beliefs (Kuruin is a Buddhist monk, I can deal with that, we can't pray in school so they shouldn't be worring about non-Christian stuff on TV).

Name changes aren't that big of a deal. Some are better in Japanese and others (in my opinion are better in American). I prefer Tenshinhan to Tein but I can never be used to saying "Son" Gokou.

The changing of attack names to me is stupid. Why change Keinzan to Destruco Disc when it means Slicing disc? What's wrong with that? Special Beam Cannon can never match up to Screw Beam of the Devil (offical translation of Makkansanspo not sure on the spelling) or even Light of Death (name in the American Translated Manga). Plus why take out some names like Tenshinhan's Chi Kung Blast, what's the matter with that? One more on this subject: it's pronounced Ka-me-ha-me-ha not Kamayamaya.

- Andrew "Figure Four" McClure