I don't know if everyone shares my opinion, but what the heck is FUNimation's problem with censoring blood? They think children will go berserk if they see blood?? I mean, it's a part of the human anatomy!!! geez I've seen blood in DISNEY MOVIES!!!! Maybe it's just I who is violent, but being a DBZ fan, I like to see blood spurt out of a wound, cuz it isn't normal if the guy's leg is knocked off and there is no blood coming out!! And what the heck is it with direct hits to the face?! Geez!!! It's not like the person will be psychologically affected if he sees Gokou or Bejiita receiving a good punch in the face!!! And what the heck is it with the stars?? I mean, a kid isn't so dumb! he knows that the guy's been hit in the face!! I mean, FUNimation may censor some of the hits, but not all of them! It's not like it's okay to hit someone as long as you don't see the fist or the foot connect!!


Sorry for all of those who like Vejiita's English voice, but it just sucks to me!! man he sounds like my cat when he got his tail stuck between the wall and the door!!! his Japanese voice is so much better!!! It's so much richer!!! At least he sounds like an adult!!! He sounds like a kid in English!!!

Goku's and Gohan's voices are so much better in Japanese!!! Ok, maybe their voices are a bit high-pitched, but, hey, to me they sound less...stupid. Masako Nosawa does an INCREDIBLE job as Gokou, Gohan and Goten!! I haven't heard Goten's English voice yet, but I know what to expect if FUNimation still handles DBZ.....

And for the LYRICS.....

What is FUNimation trying to make of us??? Total vegetables?? Reduce our brains to the size of a peanut?? Why did they put that HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, MAKES-YOU-WANNA-VOMIT "Rock the Dragon" crap?! Ok, I don't judge anyone, you got the right to like the song....but the lyrics are total NONSENSE!!!! What's the meaning of "Dragon Dragon Rock the Dragon, Dragonball Z, Dragon Dragon Rock the Dragon Come get me"?!?!? This babbling has no meaning, no emotion!!!! The lyrics to the Japanese songs HAVE a meaning and HAVE emotion in them, depending on how you listen to them!!! Just listen to the English versions of We Gotta Power, Bokutachiwa Tenshi Datta and Cha-la-Head-Cha-la and you'll understand what I'm saying!!!!

That's all I wanted to say, (I could go on for hours, I'm so frustrated...)

Thanks for your time!!!

- Marie-Claude Paradis