I've been a huge anime fan all my life. The first anime movie I ever saw was either Unico of Warriors of the Wind, I can't remember which. Since then I've seen many others, my favorite anime movie of all time being Akira. I just became a fan of Dragonball Z about a month ago, when I saw the (US) episode in which Goku and Piccolo were fighting Raditz (one d or two?). Suddenly, I came upon this website, and confirmed something I'd been suspecting for a while. They were editing it. I'd noticed something strange when someone (usually Vegeta, who is the COOLEST DBZ character of all time) wiping at the corner of their mouth, as one might do if it was bleeding, with the back of their hand, when THERE WASN'T ANY BLOOD THERE! I'd also noticed a disturbing lack of blood and gore I'd come to expect from anime. Anyway, I will now give my opinion on the voices of the characters.

VEGETA: The coolest voice on the show for the coolest character! It just sounds so mean and weasely. I love it.

PICCOLO: Piccolo's pretty cool too, because he's an alien and he doesn't like very many people, just like me (not the alien part, though). His voice is very mean and menacing, and I think it fits.

ZARBON: Zarbon's an aussie! I thought for the longest time Zarbon was a girl, until I heard his voice. My sister even said, "she's pretty", refering to Zarbon. Now he looks like some green/blue (he was green in the commercials, blue in the show) (at least I think so) aussie pretty boy.

FREEZA: He looks like a girl and he sounds like a girl. 'nuff said.

GOKU: I know I'm gonna get a whole bunch of hatemail for this, but I do NOT like Goku. I mean, he refuses to kill a giant man-eating snake that tried to digest him alive, but he's perfectly willing to murder his own BROTHER? That's messed up.

KRILLIN: He sounds like a wuss. And, is it me, or did he lie to Guru? He said that Vegeta killed Kami, but, as I remember it, it was NAPPA who killed Kami.

GOHAN: I've gotten used to it.

Well, that's my opinion. If anyone doesn't like my opinions, I say, BRING 'EM ON!!!

- Alex Tib