Y'know, it seems that a lot of people on the net have a dislike for the american voices for dbz. I guess the reason might be because the voices don't sound as good as the original do. Though I disagree. Most of the american voices for the dbz characters are perfect for the American version. It doesn't need to sound like the Japanese version for it to be any good.

Unfortunetly, Funimation has decided to dub the next 50 eps. In the U.S. The last 53 eps. apparently were dubbed over in Canada. Since Funimation is now dubbing in the U.S., they have to recast the voices for EVERYONE!!!!!! I wasn't phased that they were recasting, but the recasting of everyone, well, that sorta got to me. The thought of new voices for Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin and the Ginyu force upsets me greatly (Especially new voices for Vegeta and Piccolo, mainly Vegeta). There's only 1 voice that I would want them to change, and that is Gohan's. I saw the Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle and there was only 1 voice that I like better and that's chibi Goku's, which I'm assuming they'll also use for Gohan.

Now, in comparing the Japanese voices to the American voices, I like them all. Actually, there's not a single aspect of either version that I hate completely. Personally, with the voices, I like Piccolo's and Vegeta's better than the ones in Japan. Both versions seem to bring out different sides with most of the characters' personality. I cannot see what's wrong with any of the voices, except for Frieza's and Gohan's. Though I sorta like Frieza's American voice, but it is pretty annoying at times. Well, i'm gonna miss Brian Drummond and Scott McNeil, they were the best voices for Vegeta and Piccolo. They were just so damn cool!!!! I think the fans of dbz before Funimation's version should try to be a little bit more open-minded towards the American voices of dbz.

Now, the censoring and editing of dbz I can say I 99.9% hate it. The other .1% where I actually liked it, was the scene where Vegeta killed Nappa, Vegeta says: "Maybe you won't be such a disappointment.......in the next dimension!!!!!!!". Look, I know that the "another/next dimension" phrase is pretty stupid, now don't get me wrong, I hate it too, but, for some reason, that one scene and the way Vegeta said it just sounded so cool!!. Just to add to this, the "another/next dimension" phrase is actually another way of saying "another/next life", suprising huh? I found this out on a T.V. show, you'd have to see it for yourself to understand what I'm taking about. The show is on the Sci-fi channel, it's called "Sightings". But that's still no excuse for using it in dbz.

The music in the american version, however, I like. It's still no where nearly as good as the japanese music. I used to really like "Rock the Dragon", then I heard "Cha-la", which I also like, but listening to "Cha-la" and then listening to "Rock the Dragon" afterwords makes "Rock the Dragon" seem pretty shitty. So I personally think that Funimation should use the first group of voice actors they had in the first 53 eps. (except for Gohan), leave the original music in, leave it uncensored, uncut, and unedited but also leave the Japanese voices in when they're fighting, doing special moves, screaming, etc. only use the American voices when they're talking. That's probably the best thing to do because that way everyone's satisfied.

- K.H.B.