I just want to state, first off, that I haven't seen any Japanese episodes, and I don't get Cartoon Network. Thankfully, one of my friends does, and he turned me on to DBZ, since he taped the episodes. Unfortunetly, I started watching it _after_ the whole Raditz thing was over, and Goku was dead. I have seen almost every episode since, minus a few not-so-important episodes. I am currently reading a translated version of the manga, thanks to db.silicon-north.com.

When I first saw the show (this had Cartoon Network's stupid title screen thingy that gives away some of the plot), I almost immediately fell in love with it, and watched the tape to its end, which is the episode right before the Vegita/Nappa vs. Earth fight starts (Cybamen planted), over a period of a week or so. I have been an avid follower ever since, but I finally found this site, and a few others, and realized how _much_ I was missing. If I could find the original, uncut, uncensored, Japanese tapes anywhere, I am going to want to watch them. Even if I can't understand a word of Japanese. I want to see the real thing.

But on to the American version. I agree that the title sucks (even the Cartoon Network one), and I really hate the clips before/after commercials, right in the middle of the action. But, and I'll probably get flamed crispy for this, I think the English voices are virtually perfect. I also like Freeza's voice (more on this later). I don't think, however, that we should compare the English dubbed voices to the Japanese voices. It _is_ a wide difference in audiance. And as for script, I do think that the English version does have a few good lines that I don't think the Japanese version has. Though I loathe the 'next dimension' crap. (Though 'I'm going to send you to the next dimension' somehow sounds more threatening to me than 'I'm going to kill you') I actually thought that was in the original script until I found this site. I think that it shouldn't be censored, so that we can teach our people to research things they don't understand, such as cultures and religions.

As for lines, my favorite line is when the Ginyuu force arrives, and Vegita tells Kuilin about Gurudo's ESP, then asks if Kakarot was supposed to come, then after Kuilin's response, says "I'm not trying to win any popularity contests here!". I also like the lines such as Goku's "I saw an opening that just _screamed_ attack, so, I did." (Against Recoome) and other great lines that I don't think the Japanese version has (I can't be sure yet, of course)

Voices-wise. I try to judge voices based on the character's personality and physaical shape, not what the Japanese did. And in this manner, I think that Vegita's probably has the best fit, followed by Piccolo. Vegita's voice fits him so well. And so does Piccolo's. But, then, my ear isn't that good, so I can't tell what you mean by voice getting better. Goku comes across to me as a naive bufoon, unless he's training or in a fight, then he's very serious and knowledgeable, and I think his voice fits this perfectly. Bulma and ChiChi have perfect voices. Bitchy, yet caring. And as for Gohan, only if it were a little deeper on Namek (after all, he _does_ age as the series goes on!) Kuilin, good voice, and the rest, good. Kaiousama, though, I think has a great voice for him. He is a total goofball, although I think if they got rid of all the censorship/dialog change, it wouldn't fit. And now, Freeza. Everyone seems to hate his voice. I think it's perfect. He sounds like a cruel person, which he is, and my only wish for his voice is that it was a little deeper. In his transformations, however, I hope it changes (2nd form being a really really deep voice, 3rd form being a baritone-type, and 4th transformation, his real form, being a voice that would fit him perfectly, that people won't hate. As for every other voice, I think they all fit.

I know what I want Cell to sound like, and Trunks. Cell's first form, I think a high, whiny, screechy insect-like voice would fit. 2nd form, light baritone voice, and in perfect form, to sound like he is actually put together of the cells, with a detached, sythesized-type voice, that sounds like more than one person is speaking. Of course, deep bass. Trunks, if he ever is seen in the episodes, should have a voice that befits a 17-year old, and should be played _by_ a 17-20 year old. And as I'm only up to the Cell Game in my reading of the manga, I don't know the rest. (Mr. Satan (whose name most likely is going to be changed) should sound really really deep, but very loud and reverberating.

And censorship? They have cut and edited _way_ toofreaking _much_! I don't think the 'American season=26 episodes' should effect how much is cut! If they were smart, they would only censor and cut in the most extreme cases (nudity, for one). And music, I have never heard the DBZ theme song you all talk about (Rock the Dragon), I've only seen the stupid opening Cartoon Network has for it. And the BGM. Everyone wants to keep the original BGM. I wonder how this is possible, except by rerecording the music, or getting a recording of the original music. Since a dub works by overwriting previous sound (which is why you can't hear the Japanese voices with the English), new music is almost required. Some of the music they have is pretty good. I've caught myself humming it ocasionally. But I agree that there is too much of it. I always wondered that if there are so many people out there who seem to make a better translation of the original (of anything), why don't they hire them, instead of the crap translaters they usually hire. I'm sure some people might help translate just so they could get into the credits! This really applies to most of the foreign stuff out there. And FUNimation needs to take a few drama classes, and ask a few fans about what it really is like. There are times when you need silence, such as very dramatic scenes, such as when Choazu dies, or when Gohan gets his back broken (it's his back in the manga), and other extremely dramatic scenes, like when Goku lands on the battle field by the remaining Ginyuu.

I've rambled on and on, it appears. I think I've said everything I have to say for now. I always ecourage comments, criticism, replies, but not spam. And some e-mail in my box might be nice. I do know that I want to see the Japanese episodes ASAP, though, so if you can tell me where I might be able to find them, I would appreciate that information.My e-mail is axiem@swbell.net

BTW, since everyone spells the character names differently, please don't e-mail me on that unless it's how one pronounces them in Japanese. I actually think 'Gokuu' is the best way, but, FUNimation uses 'Goku', so I used that instead.

That should be it. Hopefully ^_^.

- Axiem