My first introduction to DragonBall were three plump little characature figures in a catalogue I saw (which I learned later were Gokou, Cell, and Trunks). Having laid eyes upon this trio, into my mind came two things:
1. This was the weirdest and most wonderful thing I had seen for a long, and I must have them
2. I needed to find out more about these guys
so I ordered them, and the subject went untouched for a few days until a bit later I was talking to my friend Tim on the phone. He has a way of coming up with weird questions, and today his happened to be this "What is your favorite show shown in the daytime?" I thought for a minute and shrugged my shoulders (which is impossible to do over the phone) I replied to him by asked what HIS was. He said "Oh, DragonBall Z of course!" I identified this with the comic little characters I had ordered, and told him about them. He immeadeately stated I should watch the show. (Remember, this is in ENGLISH.) I began to, everyday at 5:00 watch DragonBall Z. The first episode I saw was during the Freeza Saga. I remember looking at Freeza for the first time and (because of his stupid high American voice) thinking he was some weird kind of little old lady. Well, then to make it short, I got hooked. I, being a web addict, looked up websites for DragonBallZ. I found a bunch of sites cussing-out the American version of DBZ. This intrigued me, so I started renting it in subtitles. IT WAS SOO MUCH BETTER! THIS "NEXT DIMENSION" STUFF IS CRAP ALONG WITH MOST OF THE CHARACTERS VOICES, THE MUSIC, AND THE EDITING. Why the hell can't they just leave it the way it is instead of probably making Mr. Toriyama so ashamed of his work in America he'd never show his face again! There are still some people out there who don't know about the evil censoring process. I think that this kind of stuff should be considered vandalism, and should be banned.

- Missy "Juuhachi-gou"