Hi! I just saw your page on DBZ uncensored. It's great!!

Taking this whole issue on a different view, I am one of those unfortunate people who have been introduced to DBZ by the American version alone. And I'm browsing through your site, reading about all I've missed out on. And it's sad.

Well I've known for a fact that anime is usually way more "mature" than American kids' cartoons, and I was sure DBZ wasn't any different. The censorships are so freakin' obvious. "He's in another dimension." "I'll send you to another dimension." "What's this? *picks up a can of beer* This stuff's no good." "Darn." "You big bully!" "I hope you guys can swim!" "Wait! I can see their parachutes. They're okay." And, of course: "Too bad it's Sunday. Tomorrow all those buldings would be full." How damn lame is that?

Not that I'm against children's cartoons. Not at all. I have absolutely NO problem against them. I honestly think I'm still more tolerant--- whether that's a good or a bad thing--- to kids' cartoons. I mean, some of my friends have vowed not to lay an eye on the American dub simply because it's for kids, and doesn't have all the blood, gore, vulgar, etc. etc. Ugh.

Personally, I would probably prefer the uncensored version if I saw it. But, I can see why they're trying to open up the show for kids, and I respect that. It would be way too unfair if they had to miss out on such a great show just because the content was too "inappropiate". And I have no problems with making the show suitable for them. Trouble is, FUNimation is going far too overboard.

Taking a look at other examples... like you mentioned, Animaniacs, and some other TVY cartoons, do have "Hell" content. Oh, and let's not forget Disney's (yes, DISNEY's) Gargoyles. I haven't seen it yet, but from what I hear, it has excellent story & drama, death, and even blood (though I bet it's not TOO much..) while still being Y7. Why can't DBZ be like that?

And although this is kind of a totally different example, I think I can still mention it and have relevance. Ever played Final Fantasy 3 (Super Nintendo game)? Oh there's killing, and death. Lots of it. In fact there's a scene where the bad guy poisons a kingdom, and everybody in there dies. And it's, wow, rated Kids to Adults, 6 and up.

I don't think death would be a major problem, you just have to know how to deal with it, that's all. I don't know why that Tien (Tenshinhan? Or something?) didn't get that flashback scene you say he's supposed to have in the original version. Is it unappropriate?

And I don't know about the music either... yah it sucks in the dub. I guess, you know Westerns tend to like more "hard" music, not that I'd stereotype but that's what I've heard.

I guess, in the long run they have to choose whether to satisfy their current fans, or try to attract new ones.

Ehh.. sorry for the rant! ^_- Just thought I'd let you know my opinion. Keep up the great work!

- "Blue Mary"