I loved your page it's so perfect, but I do have some things to disagree with you on, aside from MANY agreements.

First of all I was introduced to DBZ by Funimation, now that I have this off of my chest I'll continue on how I got into it. One day I got up early to go to church, when I saw a show with a little boy with a tail and some girl with Aqua hair and some pig trying to find an orange ball from some ugly little blue guy, allright I guess (could never figure out what her name was, sounded like bOUmaa)Then a friend told me about DBZ, every one grew up and there were new characters (from US mentality) so the firs eps I got in were the last couple of Eps of the first season, I thougt it was cool, then Mom saw Gohan turn Oozaru and said " what are you wathing" (parenteese for "I don't like this turn it off and never watch it again" which came litterally a few minutes later, I'm 17 BTW) a few months later I tried to get into the show again, got the same last 2 episodes, so I started to tape them them, the new season came around and I never got to see the first episodes, but I was introduced to something I didn't see in the first 4 I had seen, this was the OTHER DIMENSION!!!!( pause for profuse vommitting) I cringed hearing it, when I knew this was covering up death in the show (to characters that I've never even seen yet). I was still hooked by the surprisingly unique and preserved plot (Sailor Moon was tranformed into a "Power Rangers for girls" aside form a few episodes that had an ongoing plot)I continued to watch weekly as I began to realize about 3 weeks later " are these episodes REALLY that neccessary" (Ie the invisible ship and fake Namek story lines). Eventually I began to read into the the backgrong of the show and Manga and started to notice severe and minor differences (those eps weren't neccessary after all). Later I came across a buddy who had some of the movies on tape (the ones I have re-named the 3 Super Saiyans [yes I spell it like that cause that's how it's spelled on the Super Batle toy box] and the Fusion movies for easy understanding reference among new fan friends) I was now introduced to the original series, so to speak.

The first thing that stuck out to me (aside form the language, duh) was the theme, I had no real problem with Rock the Dragon (I kinda liked the guitar version they have in the closing) I was awestruck at the songs "uppetiness" and positive sound to an overall fighting oriented show, it just hit me. Then I heard the voices, Son Goku passed off as sounding odd and childish (in the orig. don't shoot me) but I found that other voices were pretty much similar to the originals (I liked the similarity of the Oolongs, but noticed a very different Freeza, but yet, I had no animosity toward the US voice as some people tho). The next thing I noticed was that the names were about 95% same or slightly altered to fit the American voice actors ignorance. Like Kuririn becam Krillin, which, I've heard some real unneccessary complaining toward this, sounds almost exactly like the original (In the Movie that introduces Kooler, Gohan says "hai Kuririn-san" the way he says this sounds EXACTLY like Krillin), even tho Tenshinhan has become Tien (the Voice actor for US Chao-zu purposely slurrs the IE in the name to make it sound like "Ten", if this is not purposefully, it's one hell of a coincidence) It's no biggie (to me any ways, I personnally have trouble saying Tenshinhan). The next thing I noticed was the BGM, which (IMHO) sounded kinda out of place in some sequences, but perfect in others (I think this is due to reuseable music causing restraints on how and when to use it, I've seen this thousands of time on the Orig. Sailor Moon)I liked the upbeat song playing in the Prologue of the "Fusion movie (12)".

I don't have to mention the censorships, that some are sooooooo obvious even to someone who doesn't know better (even tho some are flawless, like the covering of of Recoome's (excuse the reference) butt in the last few episodes on the 2nd season). And that @&#&%$#@!!!!in ANOTHER DIMENSION stuck out like a sore thumb !!!!!! (I have regretably heard a kid correct my younger brother by saying " No, Vegeta SENT HIM TO ANTHER DIMENSION!!!!!" he really said this, the brainwashing works, unfortunately).

Now about the voices, I think Ian Corlett should be worshipped, along with Scott McNeil, in fact most of the voices don't really annoy me the way they do with people who know better, aside form Dodoria and Vegeta's (BTW when he thinks to himself his voice is much calmer and a lot less forced which gives me the impression that Vegeta, the person himself, is putting on this forced voiced act, this is all in the US version, I found that interesting, but then I realized that he should speak with that voice always)

The blotting and covering, ok, I understand the neccessity of censoring some scenes, but really, I'm positive In Rugrats the characters ( babies) have walked around Nude for a whole episode (granted they had their crotches slightly below camera, but Butts graced the screen about 45% of the ep) but some stuff is atrocious (the whole "beer? that stuff is no good" seemed like "ok insert moral of episode here!" and some time they mention Blood, and sometimes we see some of it, but to blot it completely out is absolutely lying to the audience (I don't have to go into the Other dimension, that stands out on it's own.)

I have nothing against the American version, it introduced me to the show, but now that I know better, I want others to know better too. Fix DBZ please or it'll just get worse!

- Cristian Alvernaz

PS I think that Cell should be voiced by Micheal Dorn , that would RULE, I hope they get Trunks right. And long live the US movies!!!!!!! (and get back Ian Corlett)