I must agree with Andrew Hosking about why DBZ is censored. I feel it is unfortunate that parents can't bring themselves to teach family values on their own, forcing the government and corporations to do their job. If parents don't like what their childeren are watching then change the channel, or better yet turn off the TV and have a family discussion like my parents did. While I have only seen the FUNimation version, having found out what was edited out really pissed me off. Those parents who aren't responsible enough to monitor the programs their childeren are viewing can go to hell for all I care. They can rant and rave till they are blue in the face, most of the rest of us don't give a damn. But maybe we should give a damn. Those people are the only ones who are expressing their opinions to the government. Because the minority is more vocal than the majority in most cases in this country.

I apologize for that extended outburst but, it is something that has always irritated me. Now back to DBZ. I haven't seen all the episods of the series, but I did see the episode where Kulilin (that is how it is pronounced in DBGT which I have a few MPEG files from) does the Christian prayer. I have most of the issues of the original DB manga(through 33) and I knew that he was a Buddist monk, and the last time I checked Buddism was not a sect of Chritianity. I am even more offended because I am Catholic. I'll admit I didn't think much of this detail the first time I saw it. But that was before I had aquired any issues of the manga series. At that time, I thought that Kulilin was some sort of alien or alien-human half-breed that grew up on Earth, not thinking to put it into the cultural context of the nation where the story was written. So I was even angrier when that episode came around on the reruns because I had fallen for FUNimation's trick. Fortunately it was a Protestant prayer. If they put the Hail Mary or Our Father in there I'd be ready to strangle everyone involved in the scripting process. I am not cheering for either version of DBZ because I don't know what the uncensored version is like at all, so until I do I will try to remain objective.

- Chris Martin
Texas A&M University
Member of the Fighting Texas Aggie Class of '02 ("AAAAAA")

This was not intendend to offend anyone except for those "concerned" parents who are too irresponsible to monitor their children's veiwing. For them, all I have to say is "Shut up and sit down". Anyone who is offended by this should lighten up and get a life. In the words of Dinnis Miller, "That's just my opinion, I could be wrong!"