My name is Jelani Parham (jp for short), and I am a humongous fan of DBZ. I guess the fact that I'm writing to this page would show that...

Anyway, I just recently found this site as I was looking around the Internet for a real DBZ site. I've only been to this site twice, and I love it! This is what DBZ fans need - a place to state our ideas, concerns, and opinions on what is going on with the DBZ series.

Let me stop rambling and get to the "nitty gritty-" I love the Japanese series (which airs on the International channel out here in Detroit), and I like the American series. The obvious complaint, of course, from the American series is those stupid cuts. Still, I watch the American version 'cause I can't speak, read, or understand a lick of Japanese. The Americanized versions are okay, but I really wish they were more like the original Japanese versions.

As far as voices... After reading certain (okay, one in particular!) responses about the voices, I just felt compelled to express my opinion. Plainly put; I think the Japanese voices were better than the American voices. Some of them, anyway. For example, Goku's first voice simply had too deep of a voice. It didn't give you an idea of how much of a strain was put on his body when he was being squeezed to death by the transformed Vegeta, or how much power he released when he threw his infamous "Kame Hame" against Vegeta's "Gallet Gun" (please forgive me if I don'thave some of these names right - I saw the American version before I ever found out the Japanese version was being aired!). The "high-pitched" voice of Goku, Gohan, and various others makes you almost feel the power and intensity. At the same time, though, some of the American voices are great. The newest Goku voice is almost perfect, and Vegeta's voice is excellent in my opinion. The Japanese Vegeta didn't sound as if he had any power. The American voice of Vegeta not only sounds more threatening (especially when he's fed up with Goku beating him and he decides to plow up the Earth with his Gallet Gun...) but has the cocky attitude and arrogance that fits perfectly with his personality and lines. I like King Kai's (I know that's the Americanized name, but I ain't tryin' to spell that other one) voice as well, as it reflects his comedic nature. Tien's voice (I know its not his name, but once again, I ain't tryin' to spell it) voice sounds... Very off.

My favorite character has to be... Vegeta. Don't get me wrong, I love that Son Goku, and I admire his attributes and purity, but I love sarcasm, and Vegeta is the epitome of it. Even though he's lost just about every fight (not including the one-blast encounters with Dodoria and Cui - I can't spell that one right either...) after his squall on Arlia, he still finds enough arrogance to talk trash and fight the biggest villains. I think that that's the real reason I like him - because he proves that time after time, he'll never lose confidence in himself or doubt his own abilities... And he'll do anything to win, no matter what the cost or how dishonest it is. Not saying I promote that attitude, but this personalty ultimately leads to his downfall every time, and eventually leads to the death of his son (or so I've heard).

- Jelani Parham