Ok, let me start by saying this. In my last opinion I didn't really go into how I started watching DBZ so let me say that. My friend got me up one morning at 9 a.m. He told me there was a great cartoon on. I knew cartoons (or so I thought) and they didn't really interest me. But, this one was different. Characters were actually developed well and were actually cool (not like Bugs Bunny). That was my first look at anime. Looking back, I can't believe I was so stupid as to buy the next dimension crap. I never really said that phrase, I referred to it as death. But, the fadeaways they did on the characters made me believe it. Of course, I knew something was up with "Too bad it's Sunday. Those buildings would have been full tommorrow." and "I can see there parachutes...They're OK." The list goes on and on. But I must thank FUNimation for showing anime.

The shootings at Littleton

Ok, we're gonna start out serious here. While DBZ had nothing to do with the shootings at Littleton, it is a violent show and is therefore the target of parents and lawyers from Littleton. I mean no disrespect to the victims and their families but this is not the answer. What enemies of DBZ (and enimies of me) don't realize is that DBZ is not just a show of various fighting scenes. DBZ is a story of the struggle of good and evil, making friends and losing friends, fighting for what is right, and that there is a little good in everyone (Vegeta). DBZ teaches children things all children should be taught. We can't sweep things under a rug like parents try to do here. People die in the real world, not go to another dimension, and when you believe in something you must fight. That's the way things are. And while I'm talking the next dimension, I was watching Mulan recently (ack!) and I saw something rather interesting. Hun leader "How many men does it take to deliver a message?" Hun archer "One." fires and kills one of the men, can't see it though. But still, death was mentioned in a Disney (ack! again) cartoon. SO WHY THE HFIL CAN'T IT BE MENTIONED IN DBZ?!?!? What Americans don't realize is that cartoons can be enjoyed by anyone, not just children. Well, that's all on that topic.


Can't really say much on this topic. The only Japanese voices I've heard are Vegeta's, Gokou's, and Yamucha's.

Vegeta: The Japanese voice is great! The American one just sounds too forced but at times like in "Gokou vs. Vegeta" this voice is great. Haven't heard the Japanese voice in that one.

Gokou: All I've heard from him is some sounds of him screaming "Kamehameha" and "Kaiouken". But it sounded great too!

Yamucha: The voice FUNimation did a good job on. Sounds almost exactly the same. But, thats over now. Entire recast :(

The Music

It's been years since I've heard "Rock the Dragon" because I started watching DBZ on Cartoon Network and they don't play the FUNimation opening. But, at the 12:30 showing they do and so I had a terrible reminder of how bad that song really is. Ack, it nearly killed me listening to it. I've heard "Cha la head cha la" on the original movies and I must say this is so much better. I love that song and have had it jammed it my head everytime I listen to it. Why don't they translate that song and use it? And as for the BGM, FUNimation has totally disgraced themselves again. I haven't heard the original music, but from what I've read it must be great. But, I never expected anything good from Americans. Like Chris said "Americans have no style." So true.

The Episode Cuts

Some of the episode cuts make me furious. Like the one where Nappa kills Choutzu and Tenshinhan is remembering. WHY DID THEY CUT THAT!?!?! And the one where Kururin is about to kill Vegeta. WHY DID THEY SHORTEN THAT ONE TO NOTHING?!?!? Why not leave the episode the way it is? I know about the American season being 26 episodes but what does that mean to me? I don't care. But, I have heard the third season is going to be a full 50 episodes to the end of the Freeza saga. Thank god. No full episode cuts.

The Third Season

Lastly, I offer some of my own speculation about the third season. The fifty episode thing is great, if it's true. And, I've heard alot of the problem with the first 2 seasons was Saban and the early morning time slot. Maybe the censors will slow down, but I doubt it. Two reasons: One, alot of people believe the next dimension is really in the script. Two, with the shooting at Littleton people are lashing out against violent TV more than ever. I just hope that this isn't true, but maybe the censors will get worse.


That's about it, except I'll tell you some of my future plans if you care. When I go to College I plan to learn Japanese. I hear it's hard but I am determined to do it. Then, I will learn to be a programmer and head to Japan to make games. Paradise.

- Chris Monticello