Well I've heard people whine, praise, etc. about the DBZ in U.S. And I for one am kinda tired of it. So this essay is going to be a little diffrent.

Well personally what makes me mad is that FUNimation can't market toys too well. I mean come on!! When you look at the 5" and up toys all you see are Saiyans!! You've got 3 billion diffrent Gokus and 10 thousand Gohans! Not a single human is availible over two inches!! But who do they have instead? Good ol' Bardock! Not to make fun of him, but Bardock hasn't even been mentioned in US DBZ yet! The hell's with that!! And Kuririn has a legion of fans behind him!! (Me inclueded!) Not to mention Tenshinsan and Yamcha. At least Piccolo gets to be five inches. It also makes me mad that at least Kuririn and Yamcha have DB figures, but poor three-eyed man gets jacked once again by not having a DB figure.

Also looking though the store I found "Powerful Saiyan's Collection"! I mean there is nothing wrong with that but, why now? Why couldn't they release something like "Earth Defenders Collection" or something like that? Just take a 3" Piccolo, Gohan, Kuririn, Tien and Yamhca and put it in a box! WOW they've got it! And what really made me pissed was that they had Captain Ginew action figures!! Geezz... how many people do you know that are absolutely crazy about him? I hope that sometime in the near future that Irwin Toys or Bandai start making the humans a little bit taller. (I also hope that Irwin makes better models.)

Well now on to shirts.

Personally I think some of them look very cool. They are definatly worth buying. It's just too bad that the cool ones aren't available where I am. And one more thing, I've seen a T-shirt that has the DBZ cast (Garlic Jr. Saga) on a hill top thing with Brolly in the backround. Now that's messed up, no other human ever faced Brolly execpt for Kuririn and Videl, and Yamcha and the rest where there! That's kinda messed up.

Wall Scrolls.

Hey who doesn't like wall scrolls? They are basically a big piece of art drawn on a piece of cloth that hangs. But that art is great! I love 'em! The problem with that is well...not enough Earthlings! Sorry but I just love the underdogs. I wish that some way and some how that FUNimation will make a really cool poster/wall scroll of them. And not just of the Saiya-jins.

Is there anything else? Nope nothing major, or nothing I would like to mention. Thanks for reading.

I've got two words for ya... Ummm BEEFY!!!

- DegenerateTrash (aka Ben Acosta)
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