This essay will cover my thoughts on the dub of season 3. I will explain what I think of the voices, music, and dialogue. I ask that you at least read the final thoughts section, PLEASE. And now, without further ado, my thoughts...

The Voices

I figured I'd start with the voices since they are most at issue on the DBZ forum. They're in no particular order.

Gokou: ACKKKKK! I was utterly appalled when I first heard his voice. My friend made an interesting comment. He said "He sounds like ABC's Doug after he goes through puberty." How true! Masako Nozawa is 100X better but I realize this is America and some people just can't get past a female voice. But I don't think a female voice is right for the English language so why not just SUBTITLE IT!!!!! What really bothers me is some of the stupid comments he makes, more on that later.

Kuririn(Krillin): OH...MY...GOD!!!! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE!!! They've taken a character with a huge fan legion and turned him into a dork. My God, this is totally ridiculous! They really did a POOR job imitating Terry Klassen. HOW DARE THEY DO THIS!!!! Even Terry Klassen wasn't perfect but he was funny sometimes.

Gohan: Hmmm....This is an interesting one. Whoever did this voice can imitate Saffron Henderson almost perfectly. But, at some times this voice really gets annoying and makes me wanna shoot myself. Especially when Gohan is laughing. Here's how this voice is: Masako Nozawa= :-) Whoever this is= :-{

Buruma(Bulma): ANNOYING. Simple as that. I think VegettoEX put it best when he said "Clueless star, Bulma." Excellent description. That's all on that.

Vegeta: OK, this one really hit me hard. Vegeta is one of my all time favorite characters and this voice sucks big time. Ryo Horikawa is truly the Vegeta but Brian Drummond was good as well. But there is nothing positive I can say about this guy. He's trying to hard to sound like Brian and the effect is awful.

Saichourou(Guru): Hmmm...This one I guess I can live with. It sounds OK, I guess

Nail: It's OK but he seems to speak a little too fast.

Dende: Sounds a little too depressed but its OK.

Freeza: YAAAAHHHH! Alright, FUNimation must die for this one! Maybe that's a little overboard but Freeza is one of the coolest villains ever and he must be given respect with a male voice. FOR KAMI'S SAKE, HE IS NOT A FEMALE. Again, going to what my friend said, "He sounds like Pauline Newstone with less lung cancer." That's a pretty accurate description. They should hire me as a VA.

Ginyu: Constipated cowboy, simple as that.

Jiisu(Jeice): What is with the Aussie accent!?! I thought he had a "British rock star accent" or better yet, how about NO accent!

Bata(Burter): Not good, but he dies fairly fast so it doesn't matter too much.


Music can either make or break a show, and in this case it breaks it in half. Again my ears are made to bleed with the awful sound of "Rock the Dragon", after which I just had to listen to the beauty called "Cha La Head Cha La." The music used in the actual show is just as bad, maybe worse. While fights were going on they would have some rock song going on that you could barely hear. The music is just so repetitive it could make you fall asleep. The fighting just doesn't seem very exciting without some good music playing. I would rather have silence than this garbage they dare call music. If FUNimation doesn't have the money to buy the original score, than sell to someone who does and would handle the series right. THIS IS AN EMOTIONAL WORK OF ART, NOT JUST SOME CASH COW!!!!!!!


Maybe the voices would be somewhat tolerable if they were given some decent dialogue to work with. Here's my choice favorite: Vegeta: "If there's one thing I've learned from all this, it's that I'm a friggin' genius." The dialogue they give Gokou is just awful. He sounds too much like a boy scout. "Vegeta, that kind of violence is pointless!", "You don't have to hurt people, helping people can be fun too." and many more. And one word in particular bother me: "Darn". It just sounds so stupid. Damn is such a more powerful word but since they don't want to lose money on two dubbings and parents won't have that word on a "cartoon" we'll never have any drama in this series. Finally, one line by Freeza really had me screaming in agony. "You see, roughly I am about 500,000 times stronger than you." Yeah right! With Nail having a power level of 42,000 that would make yours 210,000,000,000. -Spoiler- In Freeza's first form he has a power level of 530,000.

Final Thoughts

This is a call to action. PLEASE, for Kami's sake, do us all a big favor and email Pioneer at Say you are willing to pay for subtitled eps. If you haven't paid attention to anything else PLEASE do this.

- Chris Monticello