I started watching the show back when Dragonball first came on...inadvertantly, like most of us. I saw when Chi Chi cut off the T-Rex's head and was hooked. Then a bit later, I see this dude that looks like the main character from Dragonball, but he's grown and has some halo-thing over his head.

I actually didn't like the new DBZ very much. Then, when the shows started to recycle, I watched them and got hooked. But there was one thing that I was really confused with: Who in the world were those guys with gold hair? I had seen a TON of them in the back part of EGM, in the import sellers. Then, of course, in that awful intro, Goku has that gold hair a-flowin! (Not to mention there is a mysterious, purple-haired kid behind him, and some guy that could be Yamcha, but had a hardcore haircut) This was very confusing. It was then a kid at my school tried to fill me in on what was going on. He was online and knew certain things. For instance, he knew that kid was Trunks and that he was Vegeta's son, those gold hair guys were Super Saiyans, and Goku was a Super Saiyan. So, I was all up for seeing Goku go Super Saiyan and just whoop Vegeta and Nappa. Let me tell you, everytime Goku would start really powering up or he'd start the Kaiou-Ken, I'd get pumped and expect his hair to turn gold...but alas, it never happened.

Then, one of my family members got the sense to LEAP into the 90's and grabbed a computer and got online. This was very cool for me. The first site I went to was....Greg Werner's Dragonball site, which was awesome (little plug). I found out so much from his site and a TON of others. Someone even had some sort of complete series synopsis in groups of 10 or so episodes. This is where I came to the horrible truth that I wouldn't see this awsome sight, that is Super Saiyan for another 100 episodes or so. To make matters worse, my brother and I had developed favortism towards Trunks. Which, of course, I found out won't appear for another 50 episodes after that! I was so mad, I could've gone Super Saiyan! I really think that whoever had the brilliant idea to, actually, give away some of Dragonball's greatest surprises, really needs to get that monkey outta their butt. Then these wonderful toys came out, which to me look like Bend 'Ems. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks?!? I mean, come on! Then all of those 2 inch guys that probalby won't ever make it here (which I'd just like to say, look at Mr. Satan...NOT Mr. Satan, his name is Hercule). There is nothing we can do now. They've ruined the whole Super Saiyan surprise with that stupid video cover. I mean, I know that most kids will probably wonder who the blond-haired guy is, but it's still incredibly stupid to give away stuff like that. Well, I guess that's it for my mindless dribble.


- Eric Gustafson