I've in most recent times watched my Japanese movies again. I immensly appreciated all of the movies to a large extent. I didn't mind the voices as much anymore. I also didn't think that there was too much blood. Then I watched the dubbed versions of the movies I received for Christmas. I stayed up most of the night. These versions were released to me through my friend who had found them in the mall. They weren't entirely ADV so I can't give that company all the credit. However, I realized (somewhat) what a mistake I had made. I think maybe I enjoyed your site soo much and considered myself the voice of entertaining opposition. Now don't think that I am too much of a hypocrite, or that I'm backing down because so many people disagree with me. I just thought it was interesting the way I had acted, in face value of what I really believe in. Maybe perhaps, I was playing Devil's Advocate with myself. I like to do that a lot and sometimes I do it without even trying. So I am kind of arguing the other side, but also making a testimonial.

About the voices thing. It's not soo much that I didn't like the voices and thought they were gay. Its more like I was disappointed. The ADV versions, were the first ones I had seen of DB/Z/GT. I had seen masculine rough voices that corresponded to the music very well, in my opinion then and now. However, when I had seen the Japanese versions, I thought the voices would remain similar, maybe even deeper. However, upon hearing the higher voices, I got dissillusioned. I was insulted somewhat. Though when I watched the movies over and over, it fit. Also when I watched other anime's which people say have the same problem, I find the Japanese voices fit more too. So I guess you could say I changed my mind. But I do think that the Japanese voices (superior as they are) aren't perfection.

Blood and guts, weren't really lost to me. I know peoples feelings on the subject, however it seemed to me at the time, that they were taking away from the film. When I look at it now, I changed my mind (relatively). I don't think that blood and guts for a child-targeted audience is okay, I just think that the Japanese version's blood and guts don't fit the category of obliteration. They weren't that bad, they don't take away from the film, but their removal (smartly done, and efficient in keeping with the dramaticism and storyline) doesn't hurt either. Death scenes replaced with interdimensional transportation, however is I think a strong point. In the Japanese version, a beginner would be lost on the subject of death and reincarnation, even with Dragon Balls, considering that the Dragon is unable to fulfill wishes out of his power, or out of the range of Earth, but is however able to accomplish the resurrection of certain characters! I understand the range of powers available, but with the death idea implanted in people's heads, it makes it difficult to understand what's going on. I don't nessecarily agree with the ADV approach, but it does provide a clear cut understanding as to what some people think death is, and the implications were being made.

The missing scenes: (the main idea of this retraction)

I did notice considerable missing scenes from the movies in Japan, once I reavaluated them. I does make a difference and I wish that the people at ADV wouldn't do as suggested by others by keeping it pure, but instead spend some more time evaluating what needs to be cut, and what doesn't. Its unfair to assume stupidty and cold-hearted corporate mayhem on the part of ADV. Instead I consider it a better task to help them understand the importance of these movies to us, and perhaps to make a better version of them. Especially considering that they haven't finished. If the people at ADV are having trouble corresponding to our American ethics, when involved, then they shouldn't produce such material that would apply (as they have done). However, if they raise their ethics to provide for the interests of all minorities, and religious groups, then we must fight these unfair liberalities. Conservative I am, I understand the problems facing ADV, and I know that some things have to go, for the sake of society. However, I also know the plague put upon us: the fans. Having to pay higher prices for original material, for reasons that maybe we aren't offended by the material presented. So in my major argument I suggest that the prices be lowered on the pure versions, or either raised on the dubbed, to represent a fair margin for people who wish to understand, praise, or curse both. The task isn't to complain about the loss of footage on the American versions, but rather make an attempt to have the Japanese versions more widely available and purchaseable.

- Robert Peeler