I recently read the opinion by Todd Carbonara. In that opinion he stated that church is more violent than the hacked up crap that funimation presented us in North America. He is totally right. Lately people have been saying that the Bible is the answer to teaching children right and wrong. While the Ten Commandments set a good example, the Bible does have some parts that are more violent than anything I've ever seen on T.V. For example, King David's family life. One son rapes his half sister. Other son kills rapist and leads revolution against David. The rebellious son gets his long hair caught in a tree, and is slowly hacked to bits by David's best friend. And then there's the entire book of Revelations.

I myself am only a newbie, having seen the first two seasons of the dub. I can say that it sucks. Funimation overzealously "protecting" me from all possible bad thoughts isn't my idea of fun. But I saw something behind the horrible dubbing, and the total lack of gore where there should have been. The thing I saw was original DBZ. I've never seen it, and I know almost nothing about it, but I really want to see it. I've been a fan of anime since I first saw "G-force" as a kid. The thing that distinguished it was the fact that, despite being a children's show in Japan even before the dubbing, I got to see the very pinnacle of cartoon excellence, the thing that I believe animation was intended for in the first place, that thing is WANTON AND GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE. I remember watching my first ever dose of anime. I saw a giant robot caterpillar rear up and incinerate a building, and several dozen scientists.

I thought, "holy crap, people in Japan understand that children aren't total morons!" Since then I've watched Robotech and Sailor Moon, and, most importantly, Dragonball Z. Dragonball Z is the greatest piece of anime I've ever seen. I just have to say it.

In conclusion, I have to say that real violence is not the product of the media, but of a society that shields its children from violent media they can from which they can learn violence is bad (gotta love it), and therefore doesn't make parents feel it's necessary to talk to the children about violence, and then fails to stop them from seeing the REAL BAD INFLUENCES THAT THE OTHER VIOLENCE WOULD HAVE SAID WAS BAD!! Stuff like Marilyn Manson shouldn't drive someone to murder if their parents talk to them about it!! I own a game call Grand Theft Auto (highly recommended) whose main selling is the fact that you can do as you please and slaughter people with a rocket launcher then fend off the feds with a machine gun. And that doesn't drive me to steal a car and go on a rampage with a flame thrower!!

Dragonball has most of its main characters wanting to avoid violence and killing, and the ones that like it are evil and punished severely. Dragonball shows the reality of violence in a surreal way, and editing it takes that lesson from it! If Radditz kidnaps Gohan, then the good guys come and punish him. Goku gives him a chance to repent, but he refuses, so he dies.


Wow, I wandered quite a bit.

- Evan Schenck