Remember how the scenes where Buruma shot everyone with a machine gun they all were fine, and SABAN seemed to think this would put ideas into kids' heads? Well, what about huge fights with NO BLOOD! These people contradict themselves constantly! Just why is it not okay to be fine after being shot with a gun, but it's ok to be perfectly fine after being crushed by a 30000 pound ape?? Gimme a break!! This is getting ridiculous! Their whole idea is "fighting is bad and has consequences", then why do they edit out all the bruises and face hits? What if a little kid says, "Lookie! A star! Maybe I can make one on my friend's face too!", then wouldn't that provoke violence because of something supernatural, other than the regular "owie" and blood? A kid is not gonna say, "Oh, that blood looks cool. Maybe I can go make some,", because a normal kid knows blood is associated with hurt and knows he doesn't like hurt. But this star thing isn't normal, so kids won't know it really is hiding something bad. And cigarettes? If people grow up not knowing what cigarettes are, they may decide to "try some to see what it is". That may be bad, too, instead of a parent saying, "Now remember, TV is make believe". I know that I HAVE NEVER had a nightmare because of TV. Sure, I have dreams where I'm the hero and everybody likes me, but never nightmares. This brings up another important issue: exposure. Kids have usually seen their own butts by the time they're 2 days old, and I really don't think anyone for quite a while after 2 days old is gonna be watching DBZ, this is not an issue at all. Now the bathroom jokes I really don't like, because they're sort of....(oh my favorite word again) contradicting. The characters are supposed to be heroes and all, so little kids might imitate them. Kids imitate Superman, Batman, and many other superheroes, and the Z team is no exception. So that censoring I agree with. Now my rant is done, just a little "(oh there goes that word again) contradiction summary.

- "PokeMastr5"