Hello I am a fan of DBZ and I would just like to say... this site bites. The owner of this site is a moron. He constantly bitches about Americain DBZ. But I have one thing to say to him. Get off FUNimation's back!! They are doing a great job. My main concern is that the owner of this site always says "the voices suck! They are bad! They are all done by the same people." Well I happen to know for a fact that they aren't done by the same people. He says that it's obvious that they record it in Texas. All Texans sound the same. (No offense to you Texans my best friend is from Texas) Ok anyway. They do a great job of dubbing. He says "Freeza says you have the power level of boy scouts" who cares!! I say it doesn't affect the story line. According to what I read the owner of this site buys all the Uncut tapes and records the cut ones. Hello!!! If he bitches so much about American DBZ then why does he do that stuff. And why do you say friggin all the time, friggin, come on give me a break! He also says stuff like "what the HFIL" If he doesnt like Americain DBZ then why not say Hell instead of HFIL!!!!!!! See what I mean. Also Krillin doesnt sound like a kid. He sounds like a 30 year old male!!!! Also, you say Vegeta's voice is bad well, it's not easy to find a Vegeta voice and I think FUNimation did a hell good job. Before I finish I would like to say my closing statement. At the end of this "opinion" the owner of this site is gonna say something like "this guy has problems." When ever I read e-mails like this on other sites at the end the owner of the site always writes something like that. Well, by now some of you Japanesse DBZ fans are gonna be thinking "this guy makes a good point." Then the owner of this site is gonna write something like "this guy has problems." Then all you readers will instantly agree with him instead of me. I hate when they do that! That is all and please put this on the Opinon section even though it has negative opinions towards you, Mr. owner of this site.

- Esmay