"In any case, it shouldn't be there at all since there are no Australians (or Brits for that matter) in the Dragon Ball universe, let alone on the other side of the galaxy."


A rather moot point to complain about, don't you think? If you're going to kvetch about the American version's use of accents, then kvetch about the Japanese one too. After all, all of the aliens (perfectly understanding and speaking the Japanese language, even though they come from light years away, naturally) use the likes of Osaka and Okinawa dialects. Even Cell, for no good reason, uses an unusually strong northern Tokohu accent, evident even as he says "Kamehameha". We won't even GO on Mr. Popo's attempt at speaking like a stereotypical black man (yes, apparently the seiyuu is trying to sound like Louie Armstrong).

Now, assuming this is an alternative universe (where people can just start flying without ever having learned, short men grow without noses or nostrils, and disappearing eyebrows is the sign of being at an ultimate level of power), they wouldn't be using these VERY unique accents, right? After all, since England and Australian accents in English wouldn't exist, the cooresponding Japanese ones (or, that is to say, the alternative accents used in the original version) wouldn't exist, either.

And, since you said that there are only five male voices in FuniMation's current dub, it's VERY good that they can DO any sort of accent, lest everyone sound exactly alike (like the three slaughtered Nameks towards the beginning of the third season). It's also for the best that they didn't TRY to match up the accents used in the Japanese version; Gokuu has a highly strong Osaka dialect, described in some circles as "Japanese hick", for usually the "country bumpkins" in movies, et al, usually get stuck with this sort of an accent. Now close your eyes, and imagine Gokuu with the "correct" (term used loosely) accent. You can stop cringing now ^_^


- Roger Nystrom