Hey, whats up?!? My name is Gregg Kantor, and I am a HUGE Dragonball/Z/GT fan, in fact, I pretty much love all Japanime. Well, anyways, back to the point. I think this is a good web site if you want to find out the truth about DBZ and its Japanese origins. I have pretty much all the DBZ episodes in Japanese, and the ones that have been translated and edited. I agree with the creator of this page that it was cut in places that didn't need to be edited (in fact, NONE needed to be cut, just a simple translation would be good enough) Now, DBZ is one of the best animations to ever come out of this world. And it doesnt deserve to be cut, edited or anything else, save translated. The sad thing is, all the translated DBZ movies are UNedited. So, my question is, if it is ok for the movies to be unedited, where u can buy them at pretty much any store, where they sit RIGHT next to the edited episodes, and it is ok for the american public to see these, THEN WHY EDIT THE GODDAMN EPISODES???????? sorry, but it pisses me off about the same amount as it pisses off the creator of the page. So, maybe FUNimation has a serious hair up their ass, or maybe they are just stupid, conceited idiots. We will never know, but I support this page, and I think it shows good judgement. Oh, and as a little note to the creator, if you ever want to know more about the series, mail me. That goes for all who read this.


- Gregg Kantor