Fellow DBZ fans,

This page symbolizes the editings and censors of the popular anime series DragonBall Z. I come here weekly and am always drawn to the opinions page, interested in what the fellow fan believes. I hear ranting and raving about stuff that people feel are important. Sharing their thoughts on butchered music and non-existent bloodshed. But have you ever thought what would happen if you didn't have any DBZ at all?

That's what people in Canada go through. Canadians have no network to air DBZ on. Some local stations carry DBZ for like 13 episodes, then can it. I used to rely on WPIX New York for my DBZ fix, but Cartoon Network has ruined that haven't they?

In October Canada's first 24 hour animation station hit the air, called Teletoon. I nearly screamed in joy when I found they were airing DBZ. I figured DBZ, one of the most popular animations of all time had found a permanent home. However, it seemed to do what all Canadian Stations do and stop airing it after 13 episodes.

I wrote Teletoon a polite letter asking for more episodes. Not only did they not respond, they took it off the air.

Then, about a month later I wrote Teletoon a nasty letter calling them idiots for not airing DBZ when it had the potential to be as big as it is in America. Again, they did not respond (I couldn't really blame them for not responding to the nasty one.)

This is where I ask for the favor. I ask all of you to write an e-mail to Teletoon here: postoffice@teletoon.com Make the message like two or three sentences long, saying you'd like to see DBZ back on the network in its entirety. If you can, cite the recent success the show has had on Cartoon Network and the high viewer demand for new episodes. If you decide to help out and write, please do not be nasty to them. Politeness works best. I know I wrote them an impolite letter, but please don't follow my bad example.

Thanking you in advance.

- Steven Clarkson