As man of you have stated, I, too was hooked on DBZ from the American episodes. I turned on the television at 5:00 pm one weekday, and there it was! At first I did not know what it was, but after watching it a few times, I enjoyed it. Listed below are my opinions.


I like the American voices. They have that....that....something to them. I will admit though, that Freeza sounded, and I thought he was, a female. I have listened to the Japanese voices, and, quite frankly, they hurt my ears. Alright, they sound like they are talking through their noses. I think I feel that way because I listened to American voices all my life, maybe,...I said maybe, after a while I will be able to tolerate them.


Some of the edits are totally uncalled for. For example: When Tien could not get King Kiao to laugh, and Yamcha told him a joke, I do not think that "The secret of nose, snot on the nose" is bad for children. "You can tune a piano, but you can't tune a fish" is lame and overused. It is like whoever edited DBZ rewrote the whole script.

Dubbed, or Subtitled?

I personally like dubbed better than subbed. When they are subbed, you have to read what they are saying, and at the same time, watch what is going on. In dubbed, you can listen and watch at the same time.


From just looking at the translated lyrics, I can tell that "We Used to be Angels" is a better song, IMO. I like the beat and music (not the lyrics) of "Rock the Dragon" But "We Used to be Angels" has better lyrics. I really do not listen to the ending music on the American episodes. I really did not even listen to it on the movie that I had bought (it was unedited).

That is my opinion for the time being. I will add more when I can think of it.

- Jessica Armstrong