Now, I don't want to come out with this big, ignorant attitude and say, "American Dragonball Z sucks!" end of story. American Dragonball does have its "good" points, such as eating up a half an hour of air time on Cartoon Network. It also allows kids (who know NOTHING about DBZ) to tell their friends about how "Frieza" killed "Krillon" and he "faded to the next dimension." Oh..., wait a second. I guess there are NO good points to the English dubbed DBZ, except to provide a humorous 30 minutes for us Japanese DBZ oriented guys. I simply can't leave out the fact that Bandai can start the production of Dragonball Z action figures. I myself, though, have to admit that I have purchased about 20 American DBZ tapes. I am sorry. I know I have let many of you down, and I will understand if you want to smack me around for a few hours. The only tape I still want to purchase is the one that contains the episode in which Goku goes Super Saiyan.

One thing I have noticed about American DBZ (tapes) is that the so called "uncut" English dubbed movies that are for sale, are NOT uncut. Well, okay, they may be uncut, but they are not unedited. By this I mean that the names and/or plots are different on the American versions of the movies, than on the originals. Take The Tree of Might for instance. In the American version, the bad guy, or "clone", of Goku is called "Turles" and his only reason for killing Goku is that Goku did not wipe out the population of Earth, as he was supposed to. However, in it's original state, the bad guy's name is Taurus and the plot is that he is Goku's brother. Now, don't even try to tell me that there is any point to that what so ever.

I think, or at least I hope, that my point has been made. Have a good one Japanese Dragonball Z fans. I'll see you brothers later. Bye.

- Leo Corleone