Hello our loyal Dragon Ball Z fans:

I was introduced to this wonderful anime about when I was just entering the 7th grade. Right now I am a freshman. I started watching it right when the Raditz things was coming to a close. I got hooked on it and have loved every bit of it ever since. About a year ago Fagimation started showing rerun after rerun after...well you get the point. Slowly but surely it started fading away and people stopped watching it. I however, went looking through the satellite and after many days, found an UNCENSORED DBZ! Only downfall is its in Spanish but I already know Spanish so it's not a problem. This is not to brag only to inform that there is an Uncensored DBZ out there for the finding.

First off...I hate it when people claim they're bullshit about "Another Dimension". Cut the bull shit, they DIE. is that so fucking hard to understand?!? Bart Simpson has more freedom than Goku or anyone on DBZ. I propose FOX gains the rights to DBZ and changes all of the BS Fagimation did. I'm sure they could find a suitable time slot to put it under. America needs to lighten up on the censorship. and QUIT ASSUMING THAT EVERY SINGLE CARTOON IS MADE FOR CHILDREN!!!!!! I have seen our fine and open-minded nation butcher too many shows and it needs to stop. The only place I can find DBZ is on the Cartoon Network. Someone from Fagimation needs to view this webpage and find out what the people want. DBZ in America will not get canceled because it is a bad anime (which it obviously isn't) but rather it will get canceled because people are tired of getting fed bullshit. I have seen when Freeza kills Vegeta and it was very dramatic. To tell you the truth I actually started yelling at the screen for mercy and for Goku to do something. I would fucking puke if America fucks this dramatic scene up like they have so many other. Sorry for the profanity but it helps me get my point across.

- Jesse Gomez