First of all I would like to congratulate Chris on his Dragon Ball Z page, it rocks. I discovered it a few days ago and I haven't stopped coming since. I would like now to express my opinion about the censoring of Dragon Ball Z. First a little history about how I got involved with Dragon Ball Z:

I first saw Dragon Ball Z when my little brother was watching the episode when Son Goku was battling Raditz and got killed by Piccolo's Makkankosappo. I thought at first that it was so cool, hearing Raditz talk about death and killing Goku and Piccolo. I got inmediately hooked on Dragon Ball Z. After that I tried to find the original Dragon Ball episodes, but with no luck I only have the first 13 episodes, when the series is about 150.

Onto the criticism:

Character Voices:

Personally I think that all of the Dragon Ball Z voices rock, with the exception of Freeza, (what is that!!) "is it a he or a she?" that's what I asked myself when I heard the voice. I know that a lot of the people that expressed themselves in this site have said that they don't like Vegeta's voice. Personally I think that it's pretty good, although it won't compare to the Japanese version. Son Goku's voice actually sounds better in English than in Japanese. I own the Dragon Ball Z movies 1-11 and Goku's voice always is high pitched, and people let me tell you why that is: it's because Masako Nozawa (the one who does Goku's voice in Japanese) is a woman (or at least that's what the site I found says). Although Piccolo's voice sounds good in the dubbed version, I prefer the Japanese one, it seems that Piccolo is still trying to conquer the Earth, the way he sounds like. As for the other Z warriors, the only one I have a criticism for is the actor who performs the voice of Tenshinhan. All of the others are super, and I can live with them.

Editing and Censorship:

First let me tell you that I agree with everyone that the censorship has gotten out of hand in the show. But I'll tell you this: some of it must be done. Why? I can agree with the censors about the covering of nude people and the coarse language, but the blood and gore? that's a big mistake. Phrases like "you bully", "the next (another) dimension", and all the excesive talking, that's what bothers me. I have noticed in Dragon Ball Z that they say "you bully" like 25 times in the 53 episodes shown in the US. I bet that everytime they say you bully, in Japanese they say "you BASTARD." Now let's go to the digital censorship. Before I got to this site, I noticed that some of the DBZ drawings in the show were trembling, and I didn't know what it was. I thought that it was bad picture (after all DBZ was aired on 1996, when in Japan was in 1989). But man it was almost six months that I found out what that jumping of drawings was, MAN I was sooooooo disapointed with US Dragon Ball Z. People asy that all of this could be avoided if DBZ was moved to a different time slot, but unfortunately it's not that simple. See in America the big corporations only see blockbuster hit series in the Simpsons and the X Files, to name a few. They do not see DBZ as a blockbuster series, and that's why most of the sponsors in the US DBZ are cereals, paid programing etc. All of these commercials are shown during the daytime time slot and that is why until we get sponsors, like Budweiser or other big corporation, DBZ will not move to primetime.


I, like all of you, am pissed of at Saban and Funimation for screwing up DBZ. That is why I'm trying to find fansubs of any kind of the Freeza and Cell saga, so if any of you know someone who can provide these, I'll be very glad you helped. As for tolerating DBZ, i have the entire 53 episodes recorded because I haven't found anything else out there. I bet that if they decide to show the rest of the Ginyu fight and the Freeza fight as well prepare to see a 20+ episode fight reduced to 10 or maybe even less. Thank you for your time.

- Alfredo Figueroa