Ok here are my opinions about Dragonball Z: I was introduced to the series through the english dub, so I have to praise it for that, otherwise i wouldn't have even heard of it. I knew they had cut stuff out right from the start, but it didn't bother me because I could finally see the show, but now that i found out all that was cut, I must say that I am mad. However, I do have some praise for the english dub, like the fact that they kept the original names. I also like the voice actors for the english version, especialy Piccolo. I've also seen on a lot of web pages that people hate Vegeta's voice actor. I for one like it. He is, at least at this point, supposed to be evil, and that's what his voice sounds like. I think it's the perfect voice for him, and I hope they never change it!

I don't like the music however, and I never even noticed it untill I got the movie the dead zone, which used the original music and was ssssoooooo much better. I am also probably the only person who doesn't mind the whole "other dimension" thing. I think everyone who watches the show knows that the person is dead, so it's ok. I have a theory as to why they have to do it. It's perfectly ok to show death on cartoons, sailor moon kills things all the time. However, what makes Dragon Ball Z different is that it shows Life after Death, namely, heaven and hell, which I don't think is allowed on childrens t.v because it's religious so they use another dimension which doesn't offend any religion. That's just my theory but if that's not why, then they have no reason to say death and die. Thats all i have for now, but maybe i'll add more some time.

- Jamey Smith