Enough about English DBZ, that's all well and good, mind you, but I'm here for a very different reason. Spanish DBZ is something that apparantly few of you guys know about, nor care about (considering the number of editorials/e-mails Chris has gotten, not to mention other sites). Let me just say that Spanish DBZ ROCKS!!!!!!! Oh my, where do I begin....

First of all, it's unedited, yes, everything that everyone wants to see is there in very clear view. When I first saw Piccolo's Makkankosappo blow through both Raditz, and Goku, and come out the other side, and I watched them fall away from each other, it actually meant more to me than the story simply progressing. It was a plot turn, and it looked like one at that, FUNimation, THAT'S how it should be done....

Second, The music is the ORIGINAL JAPANESE SCORE!!!!!!!!! No more Shuki Levi crap, or digitized distractions, but pure great japanese score, and speaking from the perspective of someone who's been in classical music nearly all of his life, it's beautiful (NO I refuse to say "it's music to my ears" and get flamed by 235 trillion people over how bad of a pun that is). After listening to the original score, the English DBZ music makes my ears bleed.

Third, the VAs are unbelievable! I was in utter shock to hear these people speak very clear, correctly done Spanish, and to be able to understand it nonetheless! I expected to hear some Texan with the worst southern drawl ever try to speak Spanish, and end up with some massacred language that some of my friends and I call Spanglish (and I'm from Texas, so I've had first hand experience of Texas spoken Spanish too, it's horrid). My problem with Goku's Japanese voice is that she's sometimes a little too grating, but otherwise, I love it, the Spanish VA for Goku does an excellent job displaying emotion, pain, and pronunciation of attacks!!!!!!!!!!! I heard the KameHameHa pronounced correctly, not to mention I actually heard Makkankosappo, not that 'Special Beam Cannon' idiocy.

Fourth, yesterday's Spanish episode was the one where Yamcha dies, and I hated this episode in English, mainly because Yamcha's VA sounds a little too cocky, and Krillin makes me want to say 'You want some cheese with that whine?' Terry Klassen not only said 'Aw nuts!' way too much, but he sounded like a cowardly 35 year old baby who needs Goku to do everything. In the Spanish version, you hear Krillin weep, and he gets PISSED!!!!! I mean the guy just lost a friend whom he's known for over 20 years, and He's ready to kill something! His voice portrays anger, and rage that fuels his beam attack that takes out all but a few Saibamen, instead of Terry Klassen sounding frustrated that some guy he's known for a while 'went and did something stupid' and died. Terry Klassen sounded frustrated, Krillin's Spanish VA sounds about as mad as Goku does when he goes SSJ for the first time, for a comparison.

Fifth, Yamcha's body is there. You see Krillin run over to Yamcha's torn up body, check for a heartbeat, and say in a voice that is anger 'Yamcha hay muerto.... (Yamcha is dead)' he then proceeds to scream in anger and then kills 4 Saibamen, I think that's a better representation of the death of a friend, not the, 'he cheated! You can't do that' or Krillin talking to a clot of dirt, I mean, just seeing Yamcha's body makes you feel for the guy that much more, instead of Krillin running over to dirt and yelling at it, asking the dirt why it had to go first. See my point?

Sixth, I hated Puar. That stinking cat is by far my biggest pet peeve in all of English DBZ. If an emotional woman who understood Spanish had heard Puar cry and bang on the TV for Yamcha, she'd be in tears for another day, because it's sad. Bulma crying was just dumping a mine of salt onto the wound as well, apparantly the Spanish VAs listened to the Japanese track to see how their Jap. counterparts did the scene, but no, that doesn't make sense at all, does it?

A good show makes the viewer become emotionally attached to the characters they see and feel for them, Japanese, Spanish, and I'm assuming the other foreign language versions of DBZ do this as well. English DBZ butchers the acting in emotional spots, but does well in fight scenes.

- Jason Wiscarson