How can I simply put this?


I can't stand to see such a brilliant work of art dealt with in such a horrible manner. FUNimation has screwed the art big time. Akira Toriyama's greatest work gets messed up because of America's strict rules of:
NO RED BLOOD!(only green or purple?)
NO PORN MAGAZINES!(speaking of Master Roshi)
I can't believe how crappy the show is now! I only watch the International Channel for DragonBall Z (In Santa Cruz Saturdays at 4:30 PM and Sunday 6:00 PM) That way there is still all the gore and nudity and profanity without the work unchanged. Why couldn't FUNimation just add subtitles to the Japanese version?

At least they messed up and didn't see the background in DragonBall (the early episodes). It was the episode when Goku went to collect a Dragonball at Fire Mountain and first met Ox king. Chi Chi went to look for the Bansho Fan but got slapped by Yamcha. Goku found her, took her on the cloud to the Kame House and found out Master Roshi threw it away (in the Japanese version,when Chi Chi blushes and thinks in her head, it says, "He touched my butt.") When Chi Chi is testing Master Roshi to see if it really is him, Master Roshi is thinking. Right there, look in the background. THERE ARE FLYING BUTTS AND BOOBS!

- David Wan