I'm back! this time it's about the 2 new videos funimation has released. I ordered them around the 21st of May and recieved them on the 3rd of June. I spent around $45 for the uncut volumes and after watching them, well, what can I say....I have NO regrets for doing so!! I enjoyed both of them!!

As a matter of a fact, my friend and I liked them so much when we first watched them, we decided to watch them again!! EVERYTHING was good about it!! I wasn't disappointed in the least! ALL the voices were good! In my last opinion, I admit, I was skeptical on the recasting idea. Apparently I underestimated the casting and voice acting, it actually was good!! Not only that, they even left in the original music and sound effects! (the copies you recieved must've been the ones with the defective sound track that funimation e-mailed me about, explaining that copies sent out before the 21st of May have a defective sound track and that they had a 4 business day delay in delivering after the 21st).

Ok, sure, they still had the "Rock the Dragon" theme, but I dont mind that because in "Ginyu- Double Cross" after the credits, IT HAD THE "CHA LA" THEME!!!! As for the dialogue, well, it didn't bother me at all! Krillin does NOT sound like Jimbo from South ParK!! Actually he sounds almost like he did before. Now Vegeta's new voice uh....hmm......what can I say? I like both his new and his old the same, that means I like it A LOT!! Oh, and then theres Ginyu's voice, this one is the one voice that they meant to make sound different. Though I like his old voice better, this one suits me just fine. The voice actor for him I recognize, he had to have done the voice for Killer Croc in "Batman: The Animated Series". The one thing I mainly like is the fact that they tried to make the new voices sound like the old ones and different at the same time.

Vegeta's voice for example, he sounds almost like it did before, except deeper and more normal, yet they managed to still keep that cocky edge to his voice like he had before. As for the "dimension" phrase, eh, no big deal, Goku only said it once and I already told you that it means the same thing as death for some people. Oh, and as for the rest of the voices, lets just say I like them all too. As for those who just want DBZ to be just like the Japanese version...."BAH!!!! Bah to you and your "IDEAS" of how DBZ should be, you need to understand that the Japanese voices is not the only way the voices should sound!!!" Now, for those of you who are "subtitle only DBZ fans", Funimation is thinking of subtitling DBZ after they've dubbed it. Seasons 1 and 2 will have to be subtitled by Pioneer since they are the ones who have claim over it.

Oh, one more thing before I conclude this opinion essay.....Frieza's voice. Ok, the way it is now suits me just fine for the way Frieza is now in his first form. But when he transforms, thats when his voice should change. On a different anime, I heard the PERFECT voice for Frieza!! It is in an anime movie called "Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie". The character in the movie who the voice belongs to is Vega. The voice actor's name is Steve Davis. If you dont know what I'm talking about, then watch the video and you will see what I'm talking about. Well, thats all I have to say for now.

- K.H.B.