Hello Peoples. In order for this all to make sense you have to know I am otaku (or however one spells it) I love Anime. I got started on DragonBall Z through a friend. I found this page and a few hours later couldn't stop laughing. However here are my opinions:

1) Our favorite subject The censors. Well. Most of the censoring is inconsistant, unreasonable and weird. Nudity is hidden like it is something to ashamed of. I mean there were plenty of Butts in the RugRats cartoon shows. Nobody made a big deal. Gohan is sanitized by the ambiguouse shrub, rock or scrap of cloth. Now I can see where a totally naked Bulma could be a problem, but being in a bathtub should not be that much of a problem. Is the fact that Bulma IS naked the problem? I Can also see where severed limbs gushing blood could be objectionable.(An example: a friend of mine's mother grounded her beacause she did not organize the medicine cabinet once. Again for a hello that was not cheerful enough. irrational, rabid parents of this sort do exist. They don't approve of ANYTHING and can find things to complain about.) However, blood should not be censored. It is a sad fact that people do bleed, believe it or not FUNamation. Bodies coverd by jumping blobs of color, fake breathing noises by obviously dead bodies-our intelligence is reapeatedly being insulted. I know they're dead YOU know they're dead, but no one will fess up to it.

2) Dumb Dialouge. "Another Dimension" We all hate this phrase. Nobody is fooled. How many kids have seen The Wizard of OZ? such phrases as "You killed her" and "Ding dong the wicked witch is dead" are said. But can't be said on public television. Whats the differnce? Such cover ups as "I can see their parachutes" and " too bad it was Sunday, etc. etc" do not fool anyone. While the dialouge is not translated fully (I have never seen the Japanese version) A portion of it needs to be changed. What is funny in Japan may not be funny in America. A great deal of the character relationships have been lost. The pop culture refernces made by the aliens don't make any sense either. How the heck did Nappa and Vegeta know about busses, it being Sunday, secret suace, soccer, baseball, etc. etc? They just got to Earth, for cripes sake. They have only had time to blow up two cities, not study them. I think the Christian refernces were inappropriate. Kurillian is Buddhist. DEAL WITH IT. If he should make a prayer it should be to the religion he belongs to and not to satisfy the rabid Christains out there who don't watch something if it dosn't have at least one person mention God (Not to offend anyone, but some people are very serious about religion)

3) Dubs. Ooookay my favorite subject. As dubs go, this is a pretty good dub. There have been worse. The camps appear to be divided here some hate Vegeta's voice, some like it. Whether or not you like the voice depends upon how you interpret the charicter. For those of you who have seen both the U.S. and the orginal Tenchi Muyo will know what I mean, The voice of Ryoko is so totally different, beacause we understood that character in a differnt way. Personally, I like Vegeta's American voice. He looks weasely and sneaky and conniving and he sounds weasly sneaky and conniving. Not all Princes sound regal. I like Ian Corlett as Goku, I thought the Japanese voice was too high. I also (Please don't shoot me) Like Kurillians voice. In Japanese his voice is low and for such a little guy it just doesn't work. Friezia sounds terrible in the American version and Master Roshi sounds sort of like he is drunk half the time. I like Bulma's voice, although she could stand to sound a bit less bitchy. Gohan is the usual medicore woman-doing-a-boys-voice-for-no-apparent-reason-and-sounds-like-he-has-got-a-nasal-problem.

4) Music. In most Japanses TV shows, like Ranma 1/2 there is better music than in America, but its not something to be amazed over. DragonBall Z has the consistant score. It never stops. It sounds like an old Western film with the guitar twangs. "Rock the Dragon" is cute, but sounds like a show about a rap group composed of dragons. It is a bad choice for the sophisticated show that Dragon Ball Z is. It lacks in depth and good writng (And a melody or any discernable tune).

One thing I can't stand is that the names of the character voices are flashed by in a group. All cartoons are guilty of this. We take no pride in our voice actors and they are seemingly unimportant in America.

Well there are my rants and I will prolly add another chunck when I get enough stuff to complain about

- "MorganaAML"